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  • Volume 8 Contents

Feature Article

Psychoanalysis and Feminism: Anorexia, the Social World, and the Internal World 1

Sarah Richmond


Anorexia: Social World and the Internal Woman 13

Juliet Mitchell

A Kleinian Contribution to the External World 17

Robert D. Hinshelwood

Feature Article

Reframing Current Controversies around Memory: Feminist Contributions 21

Erica Burman


"Impossible Things before Breakfast": A Commentary on Burman and Richmond 33

Gwen Adshead

Remembering Feminisms: A Response to the Commentary 39

Erica Burman

A Response to Mitchell, Hinshelwood, and Adshead 41

Sarah Richmond

Review Article

Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Race 45

Marilyn Nissim-Sabat

Key Concepts

Feminism 61

Nancy Potter

Introduction: Understanding, Explaining, and Intersubjectivity in Schizophrenia 83

Christoph Hoerl [End Page 3]

Feature Articles

Rationality, Meaning, and the Analysis of Delusion 89

John Campbell

Self, Solipsism, and Schizophrenic Delusions 101

Josef Parnas and Louis A. Sass


Meaning, Truth, and the Self: A Commentary on Campbell, and Parnas and Sass 121

Naomi Eilan

Feature Article

Monothematic Delusions: Towards a Two-Factor Account 133

Martin Davies, Max Coltheart, Robyn Langdon, and Nora Breen


Delusion, Rationality, Empathy: A Commentary on Davies et al. 159

Gregory Currie and Jon Jureidini

Feature Article

Alien Control: From Phenomenology to Cognitive Neurobiology 163

Sean A. Spence


Agency Lost and Found: A Commentary on Spence 173

Élisabeth Pacherie

Feature Article

Understanding Delusions of Alien Control 177

Johannes Roessler

Feature Article

On Thought Insertion 189

Christoph Hoerl

Feature Article

Psychopathology of Common Sense 201

Giovanni Stanghellini


Pathogenesis, Common Sense, and the Cultural Framework: A 219

Commentary on Stanghellini

Louis A. Sass [End Page 4]

Review Articles

Max Coltheart and Martin Davies, ed., Pathological Beliefs, 225

Advanced Brain: A review of Pathologies of Belief.

Anthony P. Atkinson

G. Lynn Stephens and George Graham, Authorship and Ownership of Thoughts: 231

A review of When Self-Consciousness Breaks: Alien Voices and Inserted Thoughts.

Philip Gerrans

Feature Articles

Self and World in Schizophrenia: Three Classic Approaches 251

Louis A. Sass

A Contribution to the Study of Autism: The Interrogative Attitude 271

Eugene Minkowski and R. Targowla

Phenomenology and Psychopathology of Schizophrenia:

The Views of Eugene Minkowski 279

Annick Urfer


Schizophrenia and the Void 291

Jean Naudin and Jean-Michel Azorin

A Dialectical Conception of Autism 295

Giovanni Stanghellini

Reading Minkowski with Husserl 299

Bernard Pachoud

Feature Article

First Steps Toward a Psychopathology of "Common Sense" 303

Wolfgang Blankenburg


On Wolfgang Blankenburg, Common Sense, and Schizophrenia 317

Aaron L. Mishara

The Tacit Dimension 323

Thomas Fuchs

Husserlian Comments on Blankenburg's "Psychopathology of Common Sense" 327

Osborne P. Wiggins, Michael Alan Schwartz, and Jean Naudin [End Page 5]

Feature Article

Cogito and I: A Bio-logical Approach 331

Kimura Bin


On Kimura's Écrits de psychopathologie phénomenologique 337

John Cutting

Schizophrenia and Self-Awareness 339

Dan Zahavi

Kimura Bin on Schizophrenia 343

James Phillips

Feature Article

Phenomenology of Self-Disturbances in Schizophrenia: 347

Some Research Findings and Directions

Louis A. Sass and Josef Parnas

About the Authors 73, 239, 357

Concurrent Contents 75, 243, 359

International News and Notes 77, 247, 362 [End Page 6]



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