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Reviewed Elsewhere Contributing editors William Bruneau, Brian Cassity, Michael Fassiotto, Gloria Fisk, Douglas Hilt, Corey Hollis, Noel Kent, Gabriel Merle, Barbara Peterson, Forrest R. Pitts, Bronwen Solyom, and Paula Willoquet-Maricondi provided the excerpts for this issue. Publications reviewed include American Quarterly, American Scientist, Booklist, Chicago Sun-Times, French Review, French Studies, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), The Guardian Weekly, Journal of Asian Studies (JAS), Los Angeles Times Book Review (LATBR), Le Monde des Livres, New York Review of Books (NYRB), New York Times Book Review (NYTBR), The New Yorker, Pacific Historical Review, Science, Sight and Sound, Times Literary Supplement (TLS), The Weekend Australian, and The Women's Review of Books. Ackland, Valentine. See Warner, Sylvia Townsend. Albright, Madeleine Korbel Seasons of Her Life: A Biography of Madeleine Korbel Albright. Ann Blackman. New York: Scribner, 1998. 398 pp. $27.00. "Analysts preparing to write about the Clinton Administration's foreign poUcy in the future are sure to consult Blackman's work, which explores Albright's roots in Eastern Europe and investigates the controversy over her Jewish heritage." Marie Shear. Women's Review of Books 16.5 (Feb. 1999): 6-7. Allen, Woody Woody Allen: A Biography. John Baxter. London: HarperCollins, 1999. 488 pp. £19.99. "As Baxter stresses, the twitchy, curmudgeonly hypochondriac of the movies should not be confused with the real Woody Allen at all—not that anyone seems to have explained this distinction to Allen himself. Much of Baxter's book traces the genesis of the AUen persona. This commodity, carefuUy cultivated and marketed, serves to disguise a real seU that appears to be considerably more neurotic and troubled than the amiably seU-effacing schlemiel of the movies. Baxter manages to demystify both the mask and the man ... to give a picture of a deUcate man condemned now and for ever to schlep his alter ego on his back wherever he goes—a burden as culturally weighty as Manhattan itself." Jonathan Romney. Guardian Weekly, Feb. 28,1999: 28. 430 Biography 22.3 (Summer 1999) Angelou, Maya. See Collections: Autobiographies of Women Writers. Aron, Raymond. See Collections: French Intellectuals. Bamber, Helen The Good Listener: Helen Bamber, A Life Against Cruelty. Neil Belton. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1999. 314 pp. £18.99. "The life and work of Helen Bamber, as related in this inteUigent and thought-provoking book, is testimony to the therapeutic power of truth. The story of Bamber's life acts as a framework or prism through which some of the worst events of this century of horrors are addressed. " Malise Ruthven. TLS, Feb. 26,1999: 36. Barnum, Gertrude. See Collections: Women Labor Activists. Beach, Amy Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian: The Life and Work of an American Composer, 1867-1944. Adrienne Fried Block. New York: Oxford UP, 1998. 409 pp. $45.00. "... this is a fascinating and useful book, and Block has for the most part chosen wisely what to do and what not to do. ... If interest in Beach's music continues to grow as rapidly as it has in the last few years, there wiU be time and opportunity to assess it, and Block's study will be an invaluable aid in making a sound assessment possible." Lawson Taitte. NYTBR, Jan. 31,1999:12. Beauvoir, Simone de. See Collections: Autobiographies of Women Writers. Beckett, Samuel, and Alan Schneider No Author Better Served: The Correspondence of Samuel Bedcett and Alan Schneider. Ed. Maurice Harmon. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1998. 486 pp. $35.00. "Although Beckett was extremely protective of his private correspondence ... most of these letters have now been collected in 'No Author Better Served.' It has been edited with a useful introduction and great textual care (if occasionally incomplete and slipshod footnotes) by the Irish scholar Maurice Harmon, who respects Beckett's demand for privacy by deleting any material about his private life." Robert Brustein. NYTBR, Jan. 31,1999:13-14. Bell, Vanessa Selected Letters Of Vanessa Bell. Ed. Regina Marler. Wakefield, RI: Moyer Bell, 1998. 593 pp. $14.95. "Virginia looked inward, Vanessa outward. If she was not a genius like her sister, her appealing letters reveal a larger person." Margot Peters. NYTBR, Jan. 10,1999:10. Reviewed Elsewhere 431 Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin: American Troubadour...


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