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310 other seven ohapters of this book. There are a few previously unpublished pieces and a number of pieces which are not otherwise readily accessible. Selections are always a problem and it is easy to quarrel with someone else's selection. Yet my criticisms are few. Simply because Timothy Rogers quotes Hugh Dalton's comment that Brooke was "the best letter-writer I have ever known" (p. 40), I should have liked to see one of the letters to Dalton included. Perhaps because I still see Brooke as primarily a poet I should have liked to see a few more of the poems included (e.g., "Hauntings," "One Day"). But this is carping! we must appreciate this book for what it is - an attempt to come to grips with the real Brooke, to throw off the legend and show a solid foundation for his reputation. This is the most successful attempt I have seen. From Timothy Rogers' comments, however, and from the selections of Brooke's own writings, the foundation which emerges seems to be a slender one. The case is put clearly in the opening paragraph of the book: "... Rupert Brooke is at most a minor figure in English literature" (p. 1). It is true that he has been "widely misjudged and misrepresented" (p. 1) by friends and denigrators alike, but if his reputation were to stand on his work alone as represented in this book (and this is a fair and just selection) he would be seen as a very minor figure indeed. Perhaps he is, and perhaps in the future he will be judged on his merits alone. I think posterity will find for him a small, yet secure, niche. For our generation I have come to the conclusion that it will never quite be possible to separate the man from the myth. Perhaps, as Mr. Rogers suggests, we should try to do so, yet even he recalls that Brooke "died off the island of Theseue and Achilles, on the day of Wordsworth, Vaughan, Shakespeare and St George" (p. 2). How can we see in his true literary perspective a man who even seemed to choose his place and time of death with such flamboyance ? University of Dundee, Scotland Hilda D. Spear BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. Abrams, M. H. Natural Supernaturalism (NY: Norton [The Norton Library], 1973 Lfirst pub NY: Norton, 1971])· Paper·. $3.95· Boll, Theophilus E. M. Miss May Sinclair: Novelist (Rutherford, NJ; Farleigh Dickinson UP, 1973). ¡¡518.00. By and About Aldous Huxley; A Bibliography of the Aldous Huxley Collection at Milne Library, comp by Barry Lash (Geneseo, NY: Milne Library, SUNY, 1973). Shahane, Vasant A. Rudyard Kipling: Activist and Artist (Carbondale , 111! Southern Illinois UP, 1973)· W^9^. ...


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