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11 FORD MADOX FORD: Collections of His Letters, Collections of His Manuscripts, Periodical Publications by Him, His Introductions, Prefaces and Miscellaneous Contributions to Books by Others. By Frank MacShane (University of California, Berkeley) [The Editor is responsible for omitting Dr. MacShane's distinction between F's various signatures (e.g. Ford, Hueffer) in Parts III and IV, for reducing Ford's name to a mere F., and for other ungraceful terseness. — HEG] I. LETTERS Public Col lections: British Museum: 13 letters to F. from Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad (Ashley Ms Collection). Harvard University: 1 letter from F. to H.G. Leech, a number of letters to F. from Henry James, 1 from Max Beerbohm, and 1 from Joseph Conrad (Houghton Library). Huntington Library: A large collection of letters from F. to his agent, J.B. Pinker, most of them on business matters . Northwestern University: A large collection of letters from the files of J.B. Pinker, only a few of which are from F. Most of them deal with business matters. University of Chicago: A small number of letters from F. to Harriet Monroe (Harriet Monroe Collection). University of Illinois: About 30 interesting letters from F. to Wells (H.G. VJeI Is Col lection). University of Pennsylvania: 6 letters from F. to Theodore Dreiser. University of Virginia: Letters from F. to J.B. Pinker (Paul Alexander Bartlett Collection). Letters concerning F., his brother, Oliver Madox Hueffer, and his grandfather, Ford Madox Brown (Gerard Tetley CoI lection). Yale University: Letters from F. to H.S. Canby, Wilbur Cross, Sinclair Lewis, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, and Robert Penn Warren; letters to F. from Cross, Pound, and Warren; and letters about F. in the correspondence between Pound and Wyndham Lewis and between Stella Bowen and Gertrude Stein (American Literature Collection). Letters from F., 11 letters to F. and Mrs. Hueffer from Joseph Conrad (Keating Collection). 12 B. Private Collections: Janice Biala: Over 200 letters from F. to writers such as Sherwood Anderson, Dreiser, Eliot, Joyce and Wells and to F. from writers like Auden, Pearl Buck, Padraic Colum, Pound, Walpole and Williams. Edward ¡!aumburg: 67 letters from F. to Conrad, Hudson, Violet Hunt, Elinor V.'ylie and others and additional letters concerning F. from Conrad, Hardy and Ford Madox Brown Smaller Collections: F's second daughter, Mrs. Katherine Hueffer Lamb, owns over 75 letters from Conrad to F. as well as letters to herself from F. Mrs. Charles Bramley owns the F.-Bennett correspondence. Mr. Anthony 3ertram owns some 20 letters written to him by F, as well as letters concerning F. from Paul Nash. The Estate of A.E. Coppard presumably still owns the letters written to Coppard by F. Mr. David Garnett owns the letters F. wrote to his father, Edward Garnett, as well as letters written to other members of the Garnett family, Mrs. Ianthe Menges has letters written by F. to her husband, C.F.G. Masterman . Sir Herbert Read has a number of letters written to him by F. Mr. John Rodker has 3 letters from F. Mrs. Irita Van Doren also owns letters from F. Mr. Rupert Hart-Davis owns the F.-Walpole correspondence . Each of the following owns one letter from F: Mr. Stanton Campbell, Mr. Peter Russell, Mr. Percival Hinton, the Rev. H.F. Barton and Miss Eudora WeIty. Fi les of Letters: Each of the following persons and institutions has files containing letters to, from and about F: Mrs. W.A. Bradley, the Paris literary agent; George Allen and Unwin Ltd; Victor Gollancz Ltd; and Mr. Arthur Springarn. Letters Concerning Ford: Mr. Kenneth Young owns letters from Mrs. Florence Wynne Finch, a relative of Arthur Marwood's; Mr. Carlos Baker has a collection of letters from Ernest Hemingway, some of which deal with F; Mr. Rupert Hart-Davis owns letters written by Archibald Marshall to Walpole; Mr. Douglas Cooper owns the Juan Gris collection of letters to Gertrude Stein and D.H. Kahnweiler; Frank MacShane also owns a collection of letters concerning F. of which the more important letters are from Richard Aldington, Anthony Bertram, Richard Curie, David Garnett, Christopher Morley, Lloyd Morris. Lady Mackenzie, Katherine Anne Porter, Ezra Pound, Theodore Pratt, G...


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