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18. BIBLIOGRAPHIES. NEWS AND NOTES By Helmut E. Gerber No recently published i terns on the following EFT authors have come to my attention: J.D, Beresford, '/alter Besant, Gilbert Cannan, Hubert Crackanthorpe, R.B. Cunninghame -Graham, William De Morgan, W„L. George, Maurice Hewlett, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Wi11 i am McFee, Compton Mackenzie, V/.B, Maxwell, Leonard Merrick, C. E. Montague, Arthur Morrison, Oliver Onions, Edwin Pugh, May Sinclair, Frank Swinnerton, Richard Whiteing, F.8. Young, and Israel Zangwi11. I am responsible for the annotations below unless otherwise noted in parenthesis after the entry, Edward Lauterbach has been especially helpful in my efforts to whittle down the size of the backlog, ARNOLD BENNETT I have not attempted to gather a complete bibliography of writings about Bennett as yet, I published James G„ Hepburn's selected annotated bibliography in EFT I, 1 (Fall-Winter 1957). This list contains 55 items, of which 11 are dated before 1930 and 44 between 1931 and 1957, Since the publication of Hepburn's list I have listed additional items, most of them dated in the 1950s. For the time being, I shall list only items published recently or currently in progress. As soon as time and space allow I shall fill the gaps in the earlier selective listings. Priestley, J,B„ LITERATURE AND WESTERN MAN. NY: Harper, I960. Pp. 353-55, 425. B. deeply indebted to France, OLD WIVES' TALE strongest novel with "Old Dutch Master solidity,," IMPERIAL PALACE deserves more attention. Success caused B0 to be cut from the roots which nourished his early novels. (Lauterbach) Roberts, Thomas John. "The Reputation of Arnold Bennett Over a Half Century." DISSERTATION ABSTRACTS, XIX (1959), 2617. University of Minnesota Ph D dissertâtion3 previously noted as in progress, but now completed. Wilson, Harris. "Introduction," ARNOLD BENNETT AND H.G. WELLS: A RECORD OF A PERSONAL AND LITERARY FRIENDSHIP. Pp. 11-31, Gives a brief review of the background and careers of the two men prior to the beginning of their relationship in 1897. Asserts that relying on the conviction that "'self-help' was a demonstrable real¡ty,„,made Bennett in many ways one of the last Victorians." Notes that Wells "mistook Bennett's breadth of viewpoint for shallowness, as so many others have done during and since his time." While recognizing claims made for LORD RAINGO and THE PRETTY LADY, Wilson holds that except for RICEYMAN STEPS B. "can probably make little claim to permanent literary distinction after THESE TWAIN in 1916." Reviews the contents of the letters exchanged between the two writers, noting especially Wells' criticism of B's underdeveloped photographs and B's complaint of Wells' lack of care in the use of details, the surface of his fiction» SAMUEL BUTLER EFT, I, 1 (Fall-Winter 1957) contained a basic annotated list of i terns chiefly 19. published and in progress since 1953, when the Harkness bibliography stops, and a few earlier items not listed in Harkness. For the time being, I continue this general policy under Butler's name. Howard, Daniel. "The Critical Significance of Autobiography in THE WAY OF ALL FLESH," VICTORIAN NEWSLETTER, No. 17 (Spring I960), 1-3. Cited, without annotation, as an MLA paper in EFT, 111,2 (I960). B. wrote the best parts of the novel when involved in quarrels with his father, put it aside when on good terms with him, finally forced himself to finish it in 1884 by resorting to an awkward plot expediency. Priestley, J.B. LITERATURE AND WESTERN MAN. NY: Harper, I960. Pp. 270, 347. EREV/HON is a "brilliantly original piece of criticism" and WAY OF ALL FLESH "strips all pretence from Victorian family life." (Lauterbach) Taylor, C. R. H. "Samuel Butler Centenary," LONDON TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, 6 May I960, p. 289. Chief Librarian, The Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, in a letter to the editor, announces a commemorative exhibition of Butleriana to mark the anniversary of B's arriving at Lyttelton, N.Z., and requests information about location of "all available unpublished material by and about Samuel Butler and about Mesopotamia." The Library plans to publish a booklet about B. and his life in N.Z. FORD MADOX FORD...


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