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INDEX TO VOLUME 85 (2009) AARTS, BAS, and S. WALLIS (eds.) The British component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-GB), Release 2. Rev. by M. Davies. 85.443–45 (2009). AARTS, BAS, and S. WALLIS (eds.) Diachronic Corpus of Present-Day Spoken English (DCPSE). Rev. by M. Davies. 85.443–45 (2009). ABDUL-RAOF, HUSSEIN. Arabic rhetoric: A pragmatic analysis. Rev. by J. Dickins. 85.908–12 (2009). Agreement. By G. G. Corbett. Rev. by J. T. Faarlund. 85.703–6 (2009). AIKHENVALD, ALEXANDRA Y., and R. M. W. DIXON (eds.) Serial verb constructions: A cross-linguistic typology. Rev. by N. J. Enfield. 85.445–51 (2009). AITCHISON, JEAN. The word weavers: Newshounds and wordsmiths. Rev. by R. Lakoff. 85.451–54 (2009). All about language. By B. J. Blake. Rev. by J. R. Hurford. 85.912–13 (2009). Another way to mark syntactic dependencies: The case for right-peripheral specifiers in sign languages. By C. Cecchetto, C. Geraci, and S. Zucchi. 85.278–320 (2009). ANSALDO, UMBERTO; S. MATTHEWS; and L. LIM (eds.) Deconstructing creole. Rev. by M. Sebba. 85.454–57 (2009). Arabic rhetoric: A pragmatic analysis. By H. Abdul-Raof. Rev. by J. Dickins. 85.908–12 (2009). ARANOVICH, RAÚL. Rev. of de Hoop and de Swart (eds.), Differential subject marking. 85.917–19 (2009). ARANOVICH, RAÚL (ed.) Split auxiliary systems: A cross-linguistic perspective. Rev. by A. Zaenen. 85.682–87 (2009). AUER, PETER, and L. WEI (eds.) Handbook of multilingualism and multilingual communication. Rev. by S. Romaine. 85.457–58 (2009). BAAYEN, HARALD, and I. PLAG. Suffix ordering and morphological processing. 85.109–52 (2009). BAKER, MARK C., and N. VINOKUROVA. On agent nominalizations and why they are not like event nominalizations . 85.517–56 (2009). BAKKER, PETER, and Y. MATRAS (eds.) The mixed language debate: Theoretical and empirical advances. Rev. by D. Winford. 85.223–28 (2009). BAMBERG, MICHAEL (ed.) Narrative: State of the art. Rev. by K. Nelson. 85.687–90 (2009). BAMMESBERGER, ALFRED. Rev. of Klein (ed.), The collected writings of Warren Cowgill. 85.220–23 (2009). BARON, NAOMI S. Rev. of Crystal, Txtng: The gr8 db8. 85.914–16 (2009). BATES, ELIZABETH; P. LI; L. H. TAN; and O. J. L. TZENG (eds.) The handbook of East Asian psycholinguistics. Vol. 1: Chinese. Rev. by N. Tsujimura. 85.480–84 (2009). BAUER, WINIFRED. Rev. of Harlow, Māori: A linguistic introduction. 85.473–76 (2009). BAYLEY, ROBERT, and C. LUCAS (eds.) Sociolinguistic variation: Theories, methods, and applications. Rev. by R. Cameron. 85.690–93 (2009). BEDDOR, PATRICE SPEETER. A coarticulatory path to sound change. 85.785–821 (2009). BEDDOR, PATRICE SPEETER; M.-J. SOLÉ; and M. OHALA (eds.) Experimental approaches to phonology. Rev. by M. Huffman. 85.950–53 (2009). BERGMANN, ANOUSCHKA; K. C. HALL; and S. M. ROSS (eds.) Language files: Materials for an introduction to language and linguistics. 10th edn. Rev. by K. Hazen. 85.458–63 (2009). BIBER, DOUGLAS; U. CONNOR; and T. A. UPTON. Discourse on the move: Using corpus analysis to describe discourse structure. Rev. by J. M. Swales. 85.694–96 (2009). Blackwell companion to syntax, The. Ed. by M. Everaert and H. van Riemsdijk, with R. Goedemans and B. Hollebrandse. Rev. by L. Haegeman. 85.190–97 (2009). BLAKE, BARRY J. All about language. Rev. by J. R. Hurford. 85.912–13 (2009). BONET, EULÀLIA. Rev. of McCarthy, Doing optimality theory: Applying theory to data. 85.942–44 (2009). BOŠKOVIĆ, ŽELJKO. Rev. of Cheng and Corver (eds.), WH-movement: Moving on. 85.463–68 (2009). BRINTON, LAUREL J., and E. C. TRAUGOTT. Lexicalization and language change. Rev. by M. Norde. 85.184–86 (2009). British component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-GB), The, Release 2. Ed. by B. Aarts and S. Wallis. Rev. by M. Davies. 85.443–45 (2009). BROSELOW, ELLEN. Rev. of Kager, Pater, and Zonneveld, Constraints in phonological acquisition. 8.214–20 (2009). BURENHULT, NICLAS, and S. C. LEVINSON. Semplates: A new concept in lexical semantics? (Short Report). 85.153–74 (2009). CAMERON, RICHARD. Rev. of Bayley and Lucas (eds.), Sociolinguistic variation: Theories, methods, and applications. 85.690–93 (2009). 960 INDEX TO...


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