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168 W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM: A SUPPLEMENTARY BIBLIOGRAPHY By Charles Sanders (University of Illinois) Charles Sanders' (University of Illinois) annotated bibliography of writings about Maugham was published by Northern Illinois University Press in October 1970, in the Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series. The volume comes to 436 pages, contains 2,355 entries for the years 1897 through 1968, and has five indexes. Mr. Sanders will continue to abstract items appearing currently and filling lacunae in the N. I. U. Press volume. The listing below is alphabetical within chronological sequence, indicated by space breaks, and is keyed by entry number to Charles Sanders' W. Somerset Maugham (DeKalbi Northern Illinois UP, 1970). NOTE: About seventy-five items on Maugham have either been published or discovered since the publication of the 1970 Northern Illinois bibliography; however, only fifty-one are printed below, because sufficient bibliographical information could not be obtained by the ELT deadline. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Professor Paul Goetsch for his annotation of the Scheiber article and Professor Robert Calder for calling to my attention omissions from the Northern Illinois Press bibliography and for graciously allowing me to work with his annotations. [Charles Sanders.] 75Λ Haddo, Oliver [Pseud of Edward Alexander Crowley], "How to Write a Novel! " After W. S. Maugham," Vanity Fair, 30 Dec 1908, pp. 838-40. M plagiarized extensively:~Tïïë" Magician is composed of wholesale borrowing from MacGregor Mathers' The Kabbalah Unveiled, Franz Hartmann's The Life of Paracelsus, Mabel Collins' The Blossom and the Fruit, and H. G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau. [See also Edward Alexander Crowley, The Confessions of Aleis"ter Crowley, ed by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant (Lond: Cape, 1969), PP» 348, 349, 570-72, 931n, abstracted in ELT, XV: 1 (1972).] 761Λ Stokes, Sewall. "Maugham Is Stranger than Fiction," Pilloried! (Lond: Richards, [1928]), pp. 44-56. [A semi-fictionalized account of a luncheon with M.] 801Λ Rascoe, Burton. "A Chat with Somerset Maugham," A Bookman's Daybook (NY: Liveright, 1929), PP. 148-153. M was given bad advice as a young writer by Andrew Lang, admires H. H. Richardson 's Maurice Guest, and delights most in Proust, [interview.] 1023Λ [Thomas, Dylan], Herald of Wales. 23 Jan 1932, p. 12. [An unsigned review of Caesar's Wife attributed to Thomas, who was a reporter on the Herald at the time.] M calls his play a comedy, but the central idea and its development are definitely tragic. 1140Λ Rascoe, Burton. "'Smart Set· History," The Smart Set Anthology , ed by Burton Rascoe and Groff Conklin (NY: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1934), pp. xl-xli. [An account of George Jean 169 Nathan's getting "Miss Thompson" ["Rain"] for The Smart Set.] Nathan believed it to be the best story the magazine ever received. After everyone else refused it, Nathan offered M two hundred dollars, and he accepted. 1155Λ Coward, Sir Noel. Point Valalne (Lond: Heinemann, 1935). [Many of M's traits appear in the novel's character, Mortimer Quinn, an eminent writer with a dry, aloof, detached manner. Qulnn describes himself as "cynical, detached, unscrupulous, an ironic observer and recorder of other people's passions. It is a nice façade to sit behind, but a trifle bleak."] 1156Λ Doran, George H. Chronicles of Barabbas (Toronto: McLeod, 1935), PP. 148-54, 170, 260, 287, TFT. [~A portrait of M in the 1930's.] 1167Λ Nichols, Beverley. Twenty-Five (Lond: Penguin, 1935). PP. 232-39. [A portrait of M in the 1920's, recounting how he saw Jack Straw in Russian, not realizing it was his own play.] 1503Λ Wells, James M. "The Artist in the English Novel, 18501919 ," Philological Studies. IV (Sept 1943), 77-80. "Of all the nineteenth and early twentieth-century novels which portray the painter, The Moon and Sixpence is the only one which succeeds to any extent in creating a character who seems genuine and consistent in his relationship with his time and his art." 1515Λ Brook, Donald. Writer's Gallery (Lond: Rockllff, 1944), pp. 94-97. [Brief biographical note, describing M's escape from France and his life in the U. S. during World War II.] 1645Λ Rascoe, Burton. "Luncheon with W. Somerset Maugham," We Were Interrupted (NY: Doubleday, 1947...


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