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103 THE EDITOR·S FENCE 1. Seminar on English Literature in Transition (MLA. New York. 1972T7~The Short Story (1880-1920); Wendell V. Harris (Associate Provost, Northern Illinois University) will be Discussion Leader. He will be assisted by a. panel of four scholars who have published on the fiction of the period or who are presently engaged in such studies. Again, panelists will prepare short papers for publication in ELT. XV: k (1972), the issue to be mailed to subscribers prior to the MLA meetings. No papers will be read at the meeting, although each panelist will make a brief position statement. Since MLA rules limit attendance in Seminars, all those wishing to participate should apply to Wendell V. Harris, Associate Provost, Northern Illinois University, DeKaIb, 111. (6OII5), during October or November. 2. Seminar on English Literature in Transition (MLA. Chicago. 1973); E. M. Forster; Professor Frederick P. W. McDowell (University of Iowa, Iowa City) will be Discussion Leader of the ELT Seminar on E. M. Forster in 1973i pending approval of this meeting by MLA. Professor McDowell will be arranging for a panel of discussants next fall. The pattern of this meeting will be similar to that of the Seminar on Hardy in 1971 and the proposed Seminar on the short story in 1972. We are particularly pleased that planning for the I973 meeting could get underway a year in advance. 3. The Editor Travels; Having completed the A. S. B. volume on Conrad last fall and the volume on Hardy this spring, after nearly ten vacationless years, the Editor plans to spend much of the summer in England and on the Continent - away from editorial concerns, away from professional telephones, and away from typewriters. Prospective contributors are advised that newly submitted papers will be acknowledged but not evaluated until the fall. New subscriptions and renewals will be recorded but the Editor's correspondence will lie dormant in a very large box for some two months. 4. Subscription Increase; We have resisted as long as possible raising subscription rates. The cost of postage for mailing ELT and our voluminous correspondence has nearly doubled in the last six years. Paper costs have been rising at the rate of about Sf" a year, and printing costs have also increased. ELT has been independent, selfsupporting and non-profitmaking since the beginning - the Editor stubbornly insists it will remain so. Beginning with Volume XVI (1973) we are raising the subscription rates only as much as necessary to balance out costs of production and mailing. All foreign subscribers are asked to remit by International Postal Money Order made payable in U. S. dollars, unless they can write checks on a U. S. account in dollars. We cannot absorb conversion or handling charges. 1θ4 Billing for 1973 at the new rate becomes effective immediately. Billing at the new rate for ALL single copies and back issues becomes effective 1 Jan 1973· Current Rates Annual U. S. $2.50 Annual Foreign 3·00 Single Nos U. S. .75 Single Nos Foreign 1.00 1973 Rates Annual U. S. $3.00 Annual Foreign 4.00 Single Nos U. S. 1.00 Single Nos Foreign 1.50 ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. More ELT Authors in Courses: During the 1972 Spring Term, Harold Orel (University of Kansas) taught a seminar on The Crisis of Faith in the Twentieth Century. Of thirteen authors represented by fourteen major works, five were authors in the ELT period: Samuel Butler, Thomas Hardy, Edmund Gosse, Joseph Conrad, and D. H. Lawrence. Also represented were Thomas Mann, James Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Evelyn Waugh, Sinclair Lewis, Graham Greene, W. H. Auden, and William Golding. 2. English Institute at Harvard. 2-5 Sept 1972: The four conferences are: Poets on Poets, New Approaches to Eighteenth-Century Literature, Recent Linguistics and Literary Study, and Revaluations of T. S. Eliot. Besides the usual annual volume of English Institute Essays, the Institute will this year also publish a special anniversary volume on T. S. Eliot. 3. ACIS Newsletter: Anyone interested in Irish Studies should have a look at the information-filled Newsletter of the American Committee for Irish Studies. Besides announcements of various meetings wholly or in part concerned with...


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