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1. GEORGE MOORE: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF MITINGS ABOUT HIM Compiled and edited by Helmut E. Gerber Annotated by Lynn C. Bartlett (Vassar College), Charles Burkhart (Temple University), J4ilton Chaikin (Georgia Institute of Technology), H.E. Gerber (Purdue University), Charles Green (Purdue University), William A. Perkins (San Diego State College), and Ruth Z. Temple (Brooklyn College), This bibliography is based on a careful search of all major bibliographies which list works about Moore and of all major periodical indexes, as well as footnote references im all books and articles included in this list. Every item listed here has been read by one of the annotators except the few that are noted as "not seen." Charles Green and I have read or scanned approximately three-fourths of the items on this list, including many for which the annotations were prepared by others. Despite all our care to be accurate and thorough, some errors or oversights will no doubt be evident to some reader, but we shall be grateful for corrections and significant additions for use in future issues of EFT. Whatever the shortcomings of this bibliography, it is nevertheless not immodest to claim that it is the most accurate and the fullest one published on Moore so far. Almost all other bibliographies listing writings about Moore are careless, outdated, or too limited in scope to be very useful in themselves. Useful and accurate, although limited in coverage, is Ruth Temple's bibliography to her excellent section on Moore in THE CRITIC'S ALCHEMY. Fairly useful, but often inaccurate, is the bibliography at the end of Collet's GEORGE MOORE ET LA FRANCE, which provides a good list of articles and reviews in French newspapers and periodicals and of many books in French not listed elsewhere. A thorough and accurate bibliography of writings about George Moore, available only on microfilm or Xerox positives, is that appended to William A. Perkins' Stanford University dissertation: "George Moore's Realistic Novels: Roots, Achievements, Influences" (1954: University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich., Publication No. 10, 384. 526 pp.). Mr. Perkins kindly let me use his bibliography to fill the many gaps that would otherwise have existed here. Also of some use has been Mrs. Marilyn Buehrer Saveson's bibliography for her Cambridge dissertation, which she allowed me to see and of which I print an abstract earlier in this issue. Milton Chaikin has also been particularly helpful on items involving the influence of French writers on Moore, a subject on which he has published a number of important articles» It has been my good fortune that Charles Burkhart, after having submitted more than his share of assigned annotations, left for London, where, out of the catacombs of the British Museum, he penned me last-minute annotations. Mr. Edwin Gilcher generously provided me with a delightful weekend vacation during which to examine his Moore collection and to discuss the Olympian bibliography of Moore's works that he has been assembling for twenty years. He, too, allowed me to see his very long list of reviews and other works about Moore. 2. I have often included very brief references to Moore in the belief that they sometimes provide a minor bit of biographical information, a slightly uncommon slant, or even a revealing, but often typical, foolish comment. On the other hand, I have discarded about 100 items I thought really too slight to include, and I do not list an additional 200 unindexed books that we hopefully examined only to find no mention of Moore in them; yet these items appeared in various Moore bibliographies with no indication that they might merely be general background material. However, we also are holding for further search about 250 more items that we have not yet been able to examine. This bibliography, because it was an especially difficult one to prepare, cannot slip out of my hands without some kind of special citation for the kind of hard work and cooperation which is not always adequately acknowledged. All the annotators, first of all, were extraordinarily patient and good-humored about my constant promises that they would be asked to do "only a few items more," and they have been generous in allowing...


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