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  • Reasonable Assumptions of a Man on a Horse
  • Devin Becker (bio)

I will never need another appendectomy.I will miss how night swept predictably over the cityblock by block. Out hereit's just me and the god of bare places,whistling. I could prayfor civilization, for my return to it,but prayers for satisfaction convey need,and to seem needful is worse thanmaking do oneself.

I might need to eat this horseor teach myself songs toaccompany the gallop's gravel waltz,the chuck-chuck-chuck I keephearing in the distant treeswhere some squirrel mocks the metaphorwith its anxious danger-calling. [End Page 82]

Devin Becker

Devin Becker poems have been published or are forthcoming in the Pinch, Cream City Review, Washington Square, and Faultline, among others. From Ft. Wayne, Indiana, he has returned to that state to pursue a library science degree at Indiana University.