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136 AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WRITINGS ABOUT RUDYARD KIPLING: FIRST SUPPLEMENT Compiled and Edited by Edward S, Lauterbach Annotated by: Philip Armato (Purdue University), Morton N. Cohen (City College of New York), Louis L. Cornell (Columbia University), Pierre Coustillas (University of Paris), W. Eugene Davis (Purdue University), Joseph R0 Dunlap (Library, City College of New York), Jackie Eisen (North Carolina University,. Raleigh), Konrad Freydank (University of Marburg), Helmut E. Gerber (Purdue University), Elliot L. Gilbert (Brooklyn College), Edward S, Lautertach (Purduo University), Charles J. McCann (Central Washington State College), Stanton Mil set (University of Illinois), Charles C. Nickerson (WiI Mam and Mary College) Maisie Pearson (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo), Robert L, Peters (University of California, Riverside), Carol Porter (Purdue University), Hârie T= Tate (University of Washington), Ruth 7 Temple (Brooklyn Col lege),· Ann M0 Weygandt (University of Delaware), Joseph J. ff (Loyola University, Chicago), &aftta Woodford (Lafayette, Indiana). Z WoI "An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Rudyard Kipling: First Supplement" continues the record of Kipling criticism and scholarship published by ENGLISH FICTION IN TRANSITION in 196O0 The principles of selection and omission remain the same as those listed in the introduction to "Rudyard Kipling: An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Him," EFT., Ill: 3, 4, 5 (I960), 1-2. Though every effort has been made to be complete, there are about two hundred i terns in ELT files that have not been located or, in some respect, accurately annotated. More than twenty-one scholars collaborated on the preparation of this Kipling supplement , They patiently searched the collections of many libraries and when they failed to find the information needed, they often wrote friends at other universities and libraries for help. The project became international in scope, with coljeagues in England, France and Germany helping,. The editor wishes to thank each of the persons who annotated the majority of the work included. He also wishes to thank those people not listed—individuals who answered particular questions or who checked single entries, Without such help from dozens of correspondents, much of the material in this bibliography couid not have been assembled. Special thanks must be given to Helmut E, Gerber and W, Eugene. Davis for their help and patience and for allowing themselves to be deluged so often with Rudyard Kipling. If, in the entries that follow, errors are discovered (publication data or typographical ), the editor would appreciate having such mistakes called to his attention. He would also like to know about any important Kipling i terns published before 1964 which have been overlooked or omitted from the I960 Kipling bibliography and this supplement. Such information should include as complete and as accurate information as possible: author's name, complete title, complete publication data, and if known, the location of a copy of the item. —ESL 137 A. B. C. D. See D., A. B. C. "Some Opinions.' A., J. See "Mr. Kipling on the Manufacture of Indian Anarchists" [EFT, Ml: 4, 139]. Abbott, Lyman. See Hall, Franko. [EFT, ill: 4, 76]. "ACTIONS AND REACTIONS," SPECTATOR, CUI (9 Oct 1909), 564-65. A favorable estimate of the new work, though the reviewer has some doubts regarding RK's pessimism. Adams, J. Donald. "Speaking of Books," NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, 28 June 1964, p. 2. Rev of Rutherford's KIPLING'S MIND AND ART, which is valuable because "it offers a widely oriented approach" to RK. Trilling and Wilson never fully appreciated RK's art because their social attitudes were opposed to his. Adams, John D. "A Plain Tale of the Road," BOOK BUYER (NY), NS, XXIII (Oct I9OI), 232-33. Rev of KIM, which shows no signs of decline in RK's power. The story is in the tradition of tales of Odysseus and Pan Michael, a tale of the road. It "has no theory of empire to propound and no governmental incapacity to expose. ..." Addleshaw, Percy. "Literature," ACADEMY (Lond), XLlV (1 July 1893), 7-8. Rev of MANY INVENTIONS in sec titled "Literature." "At last the short story has taken firm root in English soil „ . . and Mr, Kipling has been, more than any one else its pioneer." All the same, the book is "perversely unequal." "In the Rukh" and "A...


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