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129 Glicksberg's study does recognize various kinds and degrees of lostness. The fall of the hero in some early Ibsen plays is not the same thing as the total disappearance of the hero and, sometimes, of the self in any form in some of the other writers whom Glicksberg discusses. The history of the lost self and the movement of Glicksberg's idea is suggested by some of his chapter titles and subtitles: The Self Without God, The Decline and Fall of the Hero, The Uncommitted and lnauthentic Self, The Haunted Strindbergian Self, The Animal Image of the Self, The Image of the Mechanical Self, The Nihilistic Self, The Relativity of the Self, The Image of the Absurd Self, Sartrean Man, The Possitive Hero on the Russian Scene. The range of the subject is "from the nihilistic I to the collectivi zed We. . . ." This book should be of particular interestto ELT readers because it treats a literature which on its one side is a reaction against "the naturalistic conception of character as governed by the influence of heredity and environment" of the last half of the nineteenth century and on its other side had its beginnings in the late nineteenth century, Glicksberg does fairly little with the possible origins of the kind of literature he deals with except for his full discussion of Ibsen and Kierkegaard and references to Bergson and William James. Those in the ELT field might profitably look into the work of Walter Pater, the French and English decadents, and consider their connections with the major ideas and figures Glicksberg discusses. This book could also be profitably read with two other recently published books in mind: Margaret Church's TIME AND REALITY and Mark Spilka's DICKENS AND KAFKA. In some respects Glicksberg's book can be read in better perspective and gives one a better perspective if it is read in conjunction with his earlier LITERATURE AND RELIGION (I960) or with Hazel E. Barnes' THE LITERATURE OF POSSIBILITY (1959). Although Mr. Glicksberg provides no separate bibliography, his notes to the chapters are very useful. The index, unfortunately, I think, is a name index only, but, then, this book is best read straight through rather than pecked and picked at. Purdue University —H. E. Gerber BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. Baker, Denys VaI (ed). WRITERS OFTO-DAY: 2. Lond: Sidgwick S. Jackson, 1948. 10s 6d. Reprint. Buckley, Vincent. HENRY HANDEL RICHARDSON. (Australian Writers and Their Work.) Melbourne: Lansdowne P, 1962. Cardiff, Ira D. (ed). THE WISDOM OF GEORGE SANTAYANA. NY: Philosophical Library, 1964. $7.50. Col ford, William E. (trans). CLASSIC TALES FROM MODERN SPAIN. NY: Barron's Educational Series, 1964. $1.50. Paper. 130 Cushwa, Frank W. AN INTRODUCTION TO CONRAD. NY: Odyssey P, 1964 (15th printing) (1st pub 1933). $2.50. Denny, Margaret, and William H. Gilman (eds). THE AMERICAN WRITER AND THE EUROPEAN TRADITION. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota P, 1950; NY: McGrawHill Paperbacks, 1964. $2.25. Paper. Glicksberg, Charles I. THE SELF IN MODERN LITERATURE. University Park, Pa: Pennsylvania State U P, 1963. $6.00. Hepburn, James G. COLLEGE COMPOSITION. NY: Macmillan, 1964. Hogan, Robert, and Sven Eric Molin (eds). DRAMA: THE MAJOR GENRES. NY: Dodd, Mead, 1962. $4.45. Paper. Johnson, E. D. H. (ed). THE WORLD OF THE VICTORIANS. NY: Scribner's, 1964. $3.95. Paper. Johnson, John H. ENGLISH POETRY OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR. Princeton: Princeton U P, 1964. $7.50. Joseph, David I. THE ART OF REARRANGEMENT: E. M. FORSTER'S ABINGER HARVEST. New Haven: Yale U P, 1964. $5.00. Kipling, Rudyard. THE ENGLISH IN ENGLAND. Selected and with an Introduction by Randall Jarrell. NY: Doubleday (Anchor Books), 1963. $1.25. Paper. Kipling, Rudyard. IN THE VERNACULAR: THE ENGLISH IN INDIA. Selected and with an Introduction by Randall Jarrell. NY: Doubleday (Anchor Books), 1963. $1.25. Paper. Martin, Robert Bernard (ed). VICTORIAN POETRY: TEN MAJOR POETS. NY: Random House, 1964. $8.95. Meredith, George. THE ORDEAL OF RICHARD FEVEREL. Introduction by Charles J. Hill. NY: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston (Rinehart Eds), 1964. $1.75. Paper. Moody, William Vaughan...


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