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93 JOHN GALSWORTHY: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WRITINGS ABOUT HIM SUPPLEMENT I By Earl Eugene Stevens (Trinity University, San Antonio) [Editor's Note: Eight items, mainly dissertations and works in progress, were first listed in ENGLISH FICTION IN TRANSITION, I: 1 (1957-58). These were followed by an annotated checklist of 233 i terns edited by H„ E. Gerber, with the assistance of R. A. E. Brooks, C, Green, D„ P. Pallctte, E. E. Stevens, in ENGLISH FICTION IN TRANSITION, I: 3 ('95S). Since then the voliowina i terns have appeared: 11 in II: 1 (1959), 3 in Ml: 1 (136O)3 2 in Mi: 2 (1?60)5 7 in IV: 1 (I960, 3 in IV: 2 (1951), 2 in IV: 3 (1361), end 2 in V: 1 (1962). In 1962 the editors decided to make a more systa.notic scorch for additional i terns and to publish these in a supplement. Earl Stevens, who had assisted us on the initial checklist, agreed to undertake this project. He hts therefore annotated the i terns in the present supplement, except these sîonod by others, Pierre Coustillas, Eugene Davis, Helga S. Gerber, Helmut E. Gerber, r.nd Edward S. Lauterbach. We are again especially indebted to M, Coustillas for supplying us with abstract* from French on short notice, in future numbers w·?. sh'¡ll regularly list recent i terns as they come to our attention and earlier i tens we have not yet been able to locate. The present bibliography includes a few i tenis wo have listed previously; they are listed here so that annotations not previously supplied may be given or so that errors made earlier rcay be corrected.] Adams, F. B., Jr. "A Letter from John Galsworthy," COLOPHON, Pt XIX (1934), No 10. Prints letter of young author, Rupert Croft-Cooke (qv) to JG asking for certainty and guidance. Prints JG'sre.-ly {13 Mar 1926, Castle Hot Springs, Arizona), which Croft-Cooks also prints in probably more accurate form. JG believes that two principles—the Principle of Unity and the Principle of Variety—are at work in a universe that had no beginning and will have no end. Unity is the Father; Variety or individuality, the Son; and the reconcilement of the two is the Holy Ghost, The ethical question for man is one of proper balance between the two, and human evil arises because men do not "balance rightly." JG expresses his belief in the "gentleman," for it is he who is best able to achieve the correct balance. Adcock, A. St. John, "John Galsworthy," G0D3 OF MODERN GRUB STREET. NY: Frederick A. Stokes, 1923. Pp. 113-19. JG is the succesor to Trollope as the historian of upper middle-class Victorian life, He writes stories less for their own sake than for the alleviation of moral and economic ills. Bâillon de Wail Iy, L. "Les Littératures Etrangères: John Galsworthy," REVUE BLEUE, LXXI (1 July 1933), 408-12. Recalls the lecture which JG delivered at the Sorbonne in 1925 and analyzes the- main works of the FORSYTE SAGA with their outstanding characters: Soames, Irene, etc, He is a realist who keeps his feelings in check, a conscientious artist whose books conform to classic rules of precision and clarity, a keen and honest observer, a clear-headed though not pitiless critic, A national writer, he shows by his mental unrest 94 how deeply he cares for the values which he criticizes. His motto is that of Jolyon: "être bon et aller courageusement son chemin." There sounds a note of bitterness and disillusion in his wisdom; also one of pity for mankind. [Cousti1 las] Barker, Dudley. THE MAN OF PRINCIPLE: A VIEW OF JOHN GALSWORTHY. Lond; Heinemann, I963. This volume reconsiders JG's life and his achievements as a writer. Its greatest value derives from the many details, eq, Sybil Carr, the name ofJG's firstlove; these details make possible a fuller knowledge of his life. [The writing displays a definite animus against Ada Galsworthy.] Ada became a woman who was "self-centred, possessive and impatient of others"; she became increasingly neurotic, and she used her hypochondria and her insistence upon extensive traveling as...


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