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85 A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF VJRITINGS ABOUT HUBERT CRACKANTHORPE Wendell Harris (University of Colorado) The following bibliography excludes unpublished theses, newspapers other than the TIMES (Lond), and all instances In which Crackanthorpe's name figures in a mere list of the writers of the 1890's. It Includes all other references to Crackanthorpe of which I am aware. Baker, Ernest A. THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH NOVEL. Lond; H. F. & G. Wltherby, 1938. IX, 122, 205, 227, 228, 230-33, Mentions C as one of those who derived the doctrine of "art for the sake of art" from Pater, as coming close to reproducing Maupassant, and as devoted to a "harsh realism." Central comment traces effect of C's complete objectivity in a number of stories. "He never drops a comment, though the relentless realism with which appalling truths are set down almost amounts to an indictment of society, nay, of human nature." Bates, H. E. THE MODERN SHORT STORY, tond: Nelson, 1945. Pp. 104-05, H8. Passing mention. "Hubert Crackanthorpe is interesting only as an attempt to transplant Maupassant on English soil." "Books of the Week," TIMES (Lond), 6 Nov I896, p. 10. Brief notice of VIGNETTES as consisting of "attempts to make very highly finished little pictures founded upon momentary impressions. . . ." Finds that "the little book does not come to very much; someday Mr. Crackanthorpe wl11 wonder why he published anything so slight." "Books of the Week," TIMES (Lond), 13 Nov 1897, p. 10. Brief notice of LAST STUDIES regretting that C did not reach the "maturity" which "would have freed him from the shackles that so often hamper the early movements of unmistakable literary talent." Brooke, Stopford A. ["Poem"], LAST STUDIES. By Hubert Crackanthorpe. Lond: Heinemann, 18*97. P. ix; rptd as "In Memory of Hubert Crackanthorpe," LIVING AGE, CCXVI (1 Jan I898), 154. A farewell tribute to C. Buckley, Jerome H. THE VICTORIAN TEMPER. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard U P, 195It Pp. 230, 231, 236-37,-238. Cites C as writer looking always to art rather than nature for Images, and as one of those who explored "the dark underside of experience," Sees C as unable to find satisfaction in emulation «f Maupassant's objectivity, as turning in despair to decadence, and, finally, to suicide. C too dependent upon artifice. Burdett, Osbert. THE BEARDSLEY PERIOD. Lond: Lane, 1925. Pp. 210, 230-31, 235, 25I. Speaks of Henry James' admiration of C, of manner In which stories are composed in sections, of C's "terse, dry style," objectivity 86 and loyalty to truth. Sees Dowson, Egerton, D'Arcy, and C as in the same fictional genre. Casford, E. Lenore. THE MAGAZINES OF THE 1890'S. University of Oregon Language and Literature Series. 1:1. Eugene: University of Oregon P, 1929. Pp. 6-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 24. Contains a brief, laudatory survey of the ALBEMARLE (edited by C and V/. H. WiIkins), to which C contributed two stories and two articles. Of interest is the judgment that "A Study in Sentimentality" is "such an exaggeration that It is almost a travesty." "Court Circular," TIMES (Load), 2 Jan 1897, p. 6. Notice of C's funeral with a list of those attending. Danielson, Henry. "Hubert Crackanthorpe (I87O-I89S)," BIBLIOGRAPHIES OF MODERN AUTHORS. Lond: The Bookman's Journal, 1921. Pp. 19»23. Bibliographical descriptions of VJRECKAGE, SENTIMENTAL STUDIES, VIGNETTES, LAST STUDIES, the play THE LIGHT SOVEREIGN, and the periodical ALBEMARLE [edited by C and W. H. WIlkins], "Death of Mr. H. Crackanthorpe," TIMES (Lond).. 25 Dec I896, p. 3. Notice of the discovery of C's body followed by brief summary of his literary gifts, largely favorable, but more interested in his "promise" than achievement. "He was one of the foremost of the band of writers who have contributed to the YELLOW BOOK, but there was ground to hope that increasing years would bring greater breadth of vision, and that the talents he showed would not for long remain confined within the limits he had hitherto accepted." Decker, Clarence. THE VSCTORIAN CONSCIENCE, NY: Twayne, 1952. Pp. 16, 33, 80, I79-82. Primarily citations of and quotations from C's "Reticence In Literature." Elwln, Malcom. OLD GODS FALLING. NY: Macmillan, 1939. Pp...


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