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49. ANNOUNCEMENTS Ford Madox Ford; A Call for Aid: Mr. David D. Harvey, who is currently collecting information concerning Fordiana of all kinds, would be pleased to hear of the location of letters or manuscripts other than those mentioned in EFT, I, 1, p. 20, articles on Ford not included in checklist in EFT, I, 2, and news of further work in progress in the universities. Please write to Mr. Harvey at 200 West 109th St., New York City 25. Gissing and Moore: A Call for Aid: The editor of EFT has received a Purdue Research Foundation Grant for summer research on Gissing and Moore. Information leading to the whereabouts of MS letters, MS articles, and reviews and articles published periodically but not reprinted in collections will be gratefully received . Write to H,E. Gerber, English Department, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana. MODERN FICTION STUDIES: Forthcoming: Professor Beebe, the editor of MFS, has announced that the Autumn, I960, number will be devoted to Thomas Hardy. Professor Beebe welcomes contributions to this number. EFT readers may also be interested to know that MFS will devote one number, tentatively in 1961, to E.M. Forster. Women in Fiction: Thesis: Miss Pamela A. Rose is writing an M.A. Thesis (London University) on "The Social Position of Women as Reflected in the Fiction of the Period 1880-1895." She writes: "I propose to examine the change in status and function of the female characters (especially the heroines) in the fiction of the period 1880-1895· The period was one of marked social change, and this is reflected most powerfully in the rapid change in the position of women: I would like, in fact, to show how very sensitively and quickly the novel mirrored the changes in opinion in the period, and this might be supported by some study of the reviews and other contemporary opinion. In some degree, the change in the stock functions of the heroine was paralleled by changes in form and technique in the novel, and this idea, seems worthy of development. "The aspects I propose to concentrate on are: (l) 'The Rights of Women,' this to include the political aspect, the changing conception of marriage, the position of the unmarried woman, and the place of the woman in the family; (2) the changing conception of women's education and the widening possible careers open to wo. men. The major authors I propose to consider are Thomas Hardy, George Gissing, Henry James, and Mrs. Humphrey Ward, but there is a great deal of significant illustrative material in such minor novelists as Grant Allen, 'Sarah Grand,' Edna Lyall, 'George Egerton,' E.F. Benson, the later work of Mrs. Lynne Linton, Oliver Schreiner , etc., which I propose to make use of. I would only depart outside the proposed period to consider specially significant authors or novels, such as Butler's WAY OF ALL FLESH or Gissing's THE WHIRLPOOL." Miss Rose would be grateful for information about relevant novels and prominent figures of the feminist movement. Please write to Miss Rose at St. Petroc, Cadogan Road, Camborne, Cornwall, England. BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude publication of a review in a future issue of EFT. All books received are listed, whether they are in the EFT field or not. Publishers , however, have been informed of the specific scope of EFT. M.H. Abrams. THE MIRROR AND THE LaMP: ROM-NTIC THEORY aND THE CRITICAL TRADITION. NY: Norton (The Norton Library), 1958 (1st pub. 1953). $1.95· 50. Henry Adams. MONT-SAINT-MICHEL & CHARTRES. NY: Doubleday (Anchor), 1959. $1.25. Robert W. Adams. STR1ZINS OF DISCORD: STUDIES IN LITERaRY OPENNESS. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1958. $3»75· Jane /usten. PERSUASION, Intro, by David Daiches. Ed. by R.W. Chapman. NY: Norton (The Norton Library), 1958. $0.85. Walter Jackson Bate. PREF/CES TO CRITICISM. NY: Doubleday (Anchor). 1959 (1st pub. 1952). $0.95. Joyce Cary. /JlT /JiD RE/.LITY. NY: Harper, 1958. $3.00. John Jay Chapman. THE SELECTED WRITINGS OF JOHN JAY CHaPMJJ. Ed. with intro. by Jacques Barzun. NY: Doubleday (Anchor), 1959 (1st pub. 1957). $1.25. Joseph Conrad. JOSEPH CONRAD. LETTERS TO WILLL.M BLZCKWOOD AND DaVID S. MELDRUM...


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