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23 BIBLIOGRAPHY. NEWS. AND NOTES Compiled and Edited by H. E. Gerber and E. S. Lauterbach Because we are gradually expanding the coverage of EFT, soon to be ELT, we are appointing various individuals to take charge of specific authors in this section. Wherever a particular individual is responsible for the bulk of the annotations, he will be given full credit. All annotations not specifically credited can be assumed to have been prepared by the editors. In this issue we list all authors on whom we are currently publishing entries, but we are witholding entries on some of them until a significant number, now in preparation, have been completed. The present number and the last number, the fifth, of this year, will, we hope, bring our backlog up to date and leave us with a clean slate for the expanded journal we shall publish in 1963, under the title ENGLISH LITERATURE IN TRANSITION. ARNOLD BENNETT We withold Bennett items until a future issue to allow several specialists to complete a larger quantity of annotations. JOHN DAVID BERESFORD SIR WALTER BESANT JOHN BUCHAN, LORD TWEEDSMUIR SAMUEL BUTLER We expect to publish a fairly long list of annotations of criticism which has appeared since about 1953* We also plan to organize a group of scholars to compile and annotate a bibliography of Butler criticism in depth covering the entire period prior to 1953· GILBERT CANNAN HUBERT CRACKANTHORPE Early In I963 we shall publish an article on Crackanthorpe by Wendel 1 Harris as well as a more complete bibliography of criticism than has appeared previously. R. B. CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM WILLIAM DE MORGAN HAVELOCK ELLIS A bibliography of criticism previously reported in progress has now been suspended, We would like to hear of anyone willing to undertake an annotated bibliography of writings about Ellis. 24 FORD MADOX FORD Sy H. E. Gerber The following items very nearly bring up to date our backlog on Ford Madox Ford. i would appreciate hearing from anyone knowing of articles or books we have not listed to date. Entries prepared by others than the oversigned are properly credited in brackets at the end of the item concerned. Booth, "ayne C. THE RHETORIC OF FICTION. Chicago: University of Chicago P, 1961. Pp. 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 38, 191, 192, 232, 26G, 365. Quotes from FMF as supporter of showing ("rendering") rather than telling, as repudiator of plot and chronology conventions. Braudy, Leo. (Swarthmore College). Has a DoIfinger-Macmahon Grant for summer 1962 to prepare a paper on "The Relation of Human Knowledge to Reality in the Works of Henry James, Joseph Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, and Lawrence Durre 11." James and Conrad will be used "as a background for the major works of Ford and Durrell in the light of the epistemológica! theme." Crandall, C. F. "When Sinclair Lewis Wrote a Sonnet in Three Minutes, Fifty Seconds. A Reminiscence of a Great Performance—And Ford Madox Ford, Who Could Spiel Limericks at Will," NEW YORK HERALD TRI8UNE BOOK REVIEW, 2 Sept 1951, p. 4. Recalling FMF's claim to be able to write a sonnet in 2-1/2 minutes, Crandall prodded Lewis Into a similar performance, for, said Lewis, "Anything that fat slob can do I can do. . . ." Goldring, Douglas. "Ford Madox Ford," LONDON TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, 6 Jan I945, p. 7. Letter to ed requesting information helpful for the writing of his biography. Harvey, David 0. FORD MADOX FORD, 1073-1939: A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ph D Dissertation, Columbia University, March 1962. Accepted for book publication by Princeton U P, Fall, 1962 or early I963. Jones, A. R. "Notes toward a History of lmagism: An Examination of Literary Sources," SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY, LX (Summer I960, 263, 264, 265, 266, 260, 272, 284. Notes FMF's confusion of origin of lmagism with other current "isms" and denies Pound's claim for FMF as '"the critical LIGHT·" among the Imagist poets. Finds no proof of his influencing either their poetry or its theory, espec since FMF announced his "retirement" from literature at the birth of lmagism. Also takes exception to Pound's claim that FMF's handling of the ENGLISH REVIEW displaced the well-known and established writers whom...


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