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37 BIBLIOGRAPHY, NEWS. AND NOTES By H. E, Gerber and E. S. Lauterbach All authors on whom we are currently giving annotated entries or on whom annotated bibliographies are in progress are listed here, whether we have found any writings about them or not. In this last number for 1961, we also enumerate the items published in all the preceding numbers. We are grateful for assistance with some of the annotations to Joseph V/olff, Syed Hamid Husain, Jacqueline Eisen, Morton Cohen, Ruth Temple, Charles Burkhart, and Robert Weeks. We especially welcome contributions of annotated bibliographies of secondary works on authors under whose names little has so far appeared. Anyone interested in contributing material on the fol¡owing authors should first write the editor: Beresford, Cannan, Crackanthorpe, Cunninghame-Graham, De Morgan, Ellis, George, Hewlett, Hudson, Kaye-Smith, Macaulay, Mc Fee, Mackenzie, Maxwell, Merrick, Montague, Morrison, Onions, Pugh, Schreiner, Swinnerton, V/alpole, Whiteing, Young. ARNOLD BENNETT Annotated items on Bennett have appeared previously in EFT, as follows: 55 items in James G. Hepburn's selected list [l, 1 (1957-58)]; 15 items [l, 3 (1958)]; 1 item [ll, 1 (1959)]; 4 items [III, 1 (I960)]; 3 items [ill, 2 (I960)]; 3 items [IV, 1 (1961)]; 5 items [IV, 2 (I96I)]; and 2 items [|V, 3 (1961)]. In addition, the following articles and studies have appeared in EFT: "Arnold Bennett Through Biography," by Frank D, Curtin [l, 2 (1958)]; "Arnold Bennett Manuscripts and Rare Books: A List of Holdings," by James G. Hepburn [l, 2 (I958)]; "Too Many Particulars," by D, S. Bland, which is partly concerned with a detailed analysis of a passage in THE OLD WIVES' TALE [ll, I (1959)]. For the present we list mainly items published recently. Buckstead, Richard Chris. "H, G. V/ells, Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy: Three Novelists in Revolt Against the Middle Class;" DISSERTATION ABSTRACTS, XX (I960), 4652-53. Ph, D. Thesis completed at State University of Iowa. Gerber, Helmut E. Review-article on ARNOLD BENNETT & H. G. V/ELLS. A RECORD OF A PERSONAL AND A LITERARY FRIENDSHIP. Ed. with an Intro, by Harris Wilson. Urbana: University of Illinois P, i960. JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND GERMANIC PHILOLOGY, LX (July I960, 600-03; condensed in "H. G. V/ells and Two Correspondents: Bennett and Gissing," EFT, IV, 2 (1961), 68-69. JOHN DAVYS BERESFORD Four items have previously been listed [l, 1 (1957)]. Nothing has appeared since then. 38 SIR WALTER BESANT Annotated items on Besant have appeared previously in EFT, as follows: a selected list of 13 items prepared by T, E. M. Boll and H. E. Gerber [ll, 1 (1959)]; ' ¡tern [III, 1 (I960)]; and I i tern [IV, 3 (1961)], Kipling, Rudyard. SOMETHING OF MYSELF. Garden City: Doubleday, Doran, 1937. PP.. 71-72, 91, 92. B's ALL IN A GARDEN FAIR was Kipling's salvation. Notes various kindnesses and advice by B. JOHN BUCHAN, LORD TWEEDSMUIR An annotated bibliography of secondary material on Buchan is in progress. Nothing has been listed previously in EFT. SAMUEL BUTLER Annotated items about Butler have been published in previous numbers of EFT, as follows: 15 items published since 1953, when the Harkness bibliography stops, and a number of later items not in the Harkness bibliography [l, 1 (1957-58)]; 3 items [I, 2 (1958)]; 1 item [l, 3 (1958)]; 1 item [ll, 1 (1959)]; 6 items [ill, 1 (I960)]; 4 items [ill, 2 (I960)]; 3 items [IV, 1 (1961)3; and 5 ¡terns (IV, 2 (1961)]. In addition, the following articles and special studies have appeared: "Samuel Butler Manuscripts," by Daniel F. Howard [l, 1 (1957-58)]; "Samuel Butler Up to Date," by Lee E. Holt [ill, 1 (I960)]; "'Ishmael' or Anti-Hero? The Division of Self in THE WAY OF ALL FLESH," by U. C. Knoepflmacher [IV, 3 (1961)]. For the present we chiefly list items published or in progress since 1953, when the Harkness bibliography stops. GILBERT CANNAN Nothing has previously been listed under Cannan's name. HUBERT CRACKANTHORPE Annotated items on Crackanthorpe have appeared previously in EFT, as follows: 3 items [I, 1 (1957)]; 1 item [I, 3 (1958)]. R. B. CUNNINGHAME-GRAHAM Annotated items on Cunninghame-Graham have appeared previously in EFT, as...


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