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ι 11 THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. Endings and New Beginnings: V/ith Volume 9, Nos. 5 and 6 (1966) we conclude, belatedly according to the calendar; nine years of publication by means of mimeography. V/ith Volume 10, No. 1 (1967). shortly to be mailed, we put on a new face. We urge subscribers who wish to renew for 1967 to do so as soon as possible. V/e have been able to remain self-supporting and hope to continue in this happy condition because subscribers have cooperated witri us in our pay-asyou -go economic policy. 2. ELT Reprinted: Kraus Reprint Corporation, 16 East 46th Street, New York, N. Y. 10017, has reprinted Vols. 1-7 (1957-1964) of EFT/ELT. Orders for these volumes must be placed with this firm. We have a small stock of Vol, 8, Nos, 3 and 5 (I965) which may be ordered from us at $0,50 each for U. S. or $0.85 each for foreign mailing. We can supply Vol. 9» Nos. 1-6 (I966) at the same single-copy rates until our supply is depleted. 3. ELT Conference, 1967: We are now planning the ELT Conference to be held in Chicago, December 1967, at the MLA meetings. This year's Conference will be on The Critics: 1880-1920. V/e shall probably concentrate on Walter Pater, George Moore, Arthur Symons, Oscar Wilde, Edmund Gosse, and George Saintsbury. Among possible technical subjects we might consider: theories of realism, the semantic problems raised by such terms as "subjectivity" and "objectivity," pure and impure poetry, form and content, synthetic criticism, and so on. Papers will NOT be read at the meeting. We shall, however, be happy to consider suitable papers for publication in Vol. 10, No. k (1967) of ELT. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. ELT Anthologies: The editor of ELT has arranged for the publication of a three-volume series of anthologies covering the short story, poetry, and drama in the period 1880-1920. These anthologies will be available for course orders by August, 1967. When they are published we shall have for the first time adequate textbooks for use in ELT courses or in Victorian literature courses which make more than passing reference to the literature produced between I88O and about World War I. The series, under the general title English -Literature in Trensltiop, will be published by Pegasus, the new imprint of Western Publishing Co. The short story volume has been edited by H. E. Gerber, the poetry by John Munro, and the drama volume by Henry Salerno. 2· People: James G. Hepburn, the first volume of whose edition of Arnold Bennett's letters recently appeared, is Visiting Professor of English at Yale University this semester. James G. Kennedy is on leave of absence from Upsala College and at last report was enjoying the British Museum, where, among other things, he is working on a book on Herbert Spencer for the Twayne English Authors Series. Robert Peters, whose beautiful volume of poems, SONGS FOR A SON, was just published by W. W. Norton, is still in England working on the J. A. Symonds letters. ...


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