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VI 4. Helpl Help! Help! We are planning to complete our full-scale bibliography of abstracts of writings about Joseph Conrad in the near future. In order to complete this project within a reasonable time, we urgently need help. We would appreciate hearing from anyone, with access to a good university or public library, willing to abstract about 50 items. We have at last launched our full-scale bibliography of abstracts of writings about Thomas Hardy„ We shall appreciate hearing from anyone willing to abstract 100 or more i ternsP Abstracters will as usual, receive a by-line as collaborators in the project. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. J. 0. Bailey has been in Hardy country all summer and apart from generously doing favors for the editor cf ELT has been reporting on his enviable experiences while researching a book on Hardy's poetry. We plan to publish,» Professor Bailey's "Hardy's 'Poems of Pilgrimage'" in the next number of ELT, 2. Robert L. Peters spent part of the summer as V si ting Professor of English at the University of Utah, during the course of which he read proof on AMERICA, THE DIARY OFA VISIT; WINTER 1884-1885, edited by R, L, Peters and D. G. Halliburton, which became Number Two in ^he ¿i_T Special Series. In addition, he continues to work with Herbert Schneller on the letters of John Addington Symonds. As if that were not enough for one man, Professor Peters has been appointed Professor at U. C.--RÕ verside, and W W, Norton is publishing a volume of poems, SONGS FOR A SON, by Peters in the spring of 1967. Still not satiated with these crowns of glory, Peters has been named a Guggenheim Fellow and he has been elected at Trinity Hail to dine at High Table once a week. If these awards and rewards help to define the "privileged" scholar, they are certainly well earned. 3. Jeffrey Cooper, 4 Kemplay Rd, Hamstead, London, N. W., 3, writes to say that he is compiling a bibliography of the works of Lascelles Abercrombie and wishes to hear from anyone having detailed information on Abercrombie's publications in the United States, 4. Arthur N. Collins. State University of New York at Albany, has been awarded a Fullbright Grant to the Universite Officielle du Congo, in Lubumbashi, for 196667 . 5. Wendell Vt Harris, University of Colorado, will be visiting at the University of California, Riverside, during Robert Peters' Guggenheim travels, 6. Helmut E. Gerber closes these notes more wearied by the activities of others than by his own. He concluded a lively, and for Texas, "cool" summer as Visiting Professor of English and Consultant on Curriculum, Learned Journal Publication, and Research at what is now the University of Texas at Arlington; he has managed to move the ELT Conference on Hardy's poetry off the drawing board; he is preparing the first 1967 number of ELT for the printer; he has pried the Hardy bibliography out of the ELT files; and he is looking forward to reading proof on his book on George Moore which is to be published by Wayne State University Press. ...


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