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212 BIBLIOGRAPHY. NEWS. AND NOTES Compiled and Edited by H. E. Gerber and Philip Armato This listing includes unebstracted references to all pertinent articles and reviews we have published in Volume IX, Nos 1-4 (1966) as well as abstracts of items published elsewhere on the authors we have been listing regularly. Hereafter we shall list only authors on whom we have published a selected bibliography or a bibliography in depth or on whom a major project is in progress. At the head of this section we shall list those authors on whom we would welcome bibliographies of abstracts. Bibliographies wanted: Since relatively little current research appears on the following authors, we shall list their names here in the future and await offers from our readers to prepare selected, in most cases, annotated bibliographies of writings about them, or to prepare, in a few cases, bibliographies in depth. From time to time, as our backlog diminishes, we shall add other names. Max Beerbohm Maurice Hewlett Leonard Merrick John Davys Beresford Sheila Kaye-Smlth C. E. Montague Walter Besant Rose Macaulay Arthur Morrison Gilbert Cannan William McFee Oliver Onions William de Morgan Compton Mackenzie Edwin Pugh W. L. George W. B, Maxwell Frank Swinnerton H. Rider Haggard Arthur Symons ARNOLD BENNETT We published James G. Hepburn's selected annotated bibliography of writings about Bennett in EFT, I: 1 (1957), 7-12, and additional Items in various numbers since then. We shall continue to abstract items appearing currently. Gordan, John D. "An Anniversary Exhibition. . . (Part M)," BULLETIN OF THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, LXIX (June 1965), 402. Briefly comments on the MS of RICEYMAN STEPS and "a notebook containing preliminary observations," noting that B's "interlinear emendations are so carefully made that their multiplicity is not at first apparent." [HEG] ........"An Anniversary Exhibition. . . (Part i I)," BULLETIN OF THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, LXIX (Nov 1965), 605-06. Brief sketch of B's career followed by summary of Berg Collection holdings: presentation copies, books from B's library, drawings by and of him, 400MS pieces. Included are an 81-page diary (1929) and over 300 letters. [HEG] Hepburn, James G. "Bennett Land," ELT, IX: 4 (1966), a rev of E. J. D. Warrllow's ARNOLD BENNETT AND STOKE-ON-TRENT, ...... (ed). LETTERS OF ARNOLD BENNETT. Vol I: Letters to J. B. Pinker, Lond: Oxford U P, 1966. Hepburn provides a minutely detailed chronology (pp. xlit-xxlll) and an introduction in which he describes the Pinker collection and B's relationship with Pinker (pp. 1-6), B's early literary career (pp. 6-22), and PInker's career (pp. 22-28), thus expertly and briefly 213 setting the stage for the discerningly edited and thoroughly annotated letter= The letters themselves are grouped in four periods: I9OI-I9O8, 1908-1914, 1914-1922, and I922-I93I. The book is carefully and sensibly indexed. [An excellent and absolutely indispensable volume which makes one look forward to others still to come.] [HEG] Pritchett, V. S. "Exquisite Burdens," NEW STATESMAN, LXIX (8 Jan I965), 42-43. B an "ingeniously self-constructed" person; by an act of will he could make himself a north-country mayor, a swell, a writer of good novels or of bad. Fact was all to him; he had "no hysteria, . .also little passion." He lacked "fantasy, romantic passion." As novelist, then, B a collector. But there is a sense of loneliness to his work. His portrayals of women are good "chiefly because he was not obsessed by the sexual relationship." [Davis] Warrilow, E. J. D. ARNOLD BENNETT AND STOKE-ON-TREAT. Stoke-on-Trent: Etruscan Publications, 1966. See James G. Hepburn, "Bennett Land," ELT, IX: 4 (I966), a rev. WILFRID SCAWEN BLUNT Joseph Dunlap (Library, CCNY) is preparing an annotated bibliography of writings about Blunt. JOHN BUCHAN, LORD TWEEDSMUIR J. Randolph Cox (Library, St. Olaf College), with some aid from Edward S. Lauterbach and others, has completed an annotated bibliography of writings about Buchan. Lauterbach is now editing this bibliography for publication in ELT, IX: 5 (I966), although this number may not be ready for mailing until early in 1967. SAMUEL BUTLER We continue to list items published since the Harkness bibliography (1953)until...


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