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THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. ELT Conference on Georgian and Trench Poets: Chicago, 1965: The ninth ELT Conference was very well attended, some 35 people being seated, 3 or 4 standing, and an estimated 10 having been turned away for lack of room and so that it we might remain reasonably within the limits of attendance set by MLA. Since Joseph Cohen (Newcomb College, Tulane) summarized the highlights of the paper ("Owen Agonistes') we had published in ELT, VIII: 5 (1965), much of the lively discussion focused on Wilfred Owen and, more generally, on the war poets. Robert Ross, whose GEORGIAN REVOLT had been reviewed in ELT, gave the Discussion Leader some much needed support in his attempt to include the Georgian poets in the discussion. It was apparent, however, that 1965 was the year of the War Poets. Most of those who attended the Conference had apparently not yet turned their attention to the Georgians, particularly those Georgians who did not happen to be war poets. We hope that Ross's book will do much to lead more scholars interested in poetry between about 1900 and about 1924 to re-examine some of the Georgian poets. We think some of these writers deserve better than the disrepute or oblivion into which they seem to have fallen. 2. The Tenth ELT Conference, New York (1966): Thomas Hardy's Poetry: As a result of an evening meeting of our Bibliography and Research Committee and the editor's informal discussions, by mail and personally, with many friends of ELT, we are preparing to request MLA authorization of the 1966 ELT Conference in New York on Thomas Hardy's poetry. Since the publication of J. 0. Bailey's THOMAS HARDY AND THE COSMIC MIND, Harold Orel's THOMAS HARDY'S EPIC DRAMA, Samuel Hynes' THE PATTERN OF HARDY'S POETRY, and Car- Weber's HARDY'S LOVE POEMS, Hardy's poetry has been receiving much attention, in anthologies, in critical books on poetry, in fullscale articles, and in explicatory notes. The time, we think, has come for a general revaluation of Hardy's poetry. Volume 9: 4 (1966), of ELT will therefore be largely given over to articles on Hardy's poetry. We hope as many potential contributors as possible will plan to submit their work before September 1, 1966. 3. New Rates--Photo-Offset : With this number we are mailing an announcement of new subscription rates which will go into effect with Volume 10 0967)· We have for some time been mailing ELT to domestic subscribers at below-cost rates, especially when, as in 1964 and 1965, we produced five numbers or an extra number in our Special Series. We wish to continue to provide the kind, quantity, and quality of material we have been trying to produce in the past and, in addition, to produce a more durable and attractive journal. This we can do only by raising rates, no matter by what method we reproduce ELT. Since a higher subscription rate has become necessary even if we continue mimeographing, we have decided to go one step further and to reproduce the journal in photo—offset. This will result in our using better paper, a wrap-around cover, and saddle stitching instead of side stitching. ELT will be far more sturdy and, because saddle stitching permits flat opening of the journal, far more convenient to use. The new method of reproduction has also been necessitated by the rapidly increasing number of subscribers. We simply can no longer afford the time it takes, using the present production methods, to put the physical product together with only our very small volunteer staff. We have no foundation grant or subsidy in support of publication and we do not seek one. We are stubbornly proud to have survived for about nine years with some modest assistance from the Purdue Department of English. We would like to remain., one of V I the few, perhaps the only, self-sustaining, specialized scholarly journals. In order to do this, we must raise our annual subscription rates as follows: Subscription Retes: 1967 Domestic (U. S., Hawaii, Alaska) Current volume 2.50 Single copies, back issues .75 Foreign (including Canada...


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