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180 BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. Bald, R. C. (ed). SIX ELIZABETHAN PLAYS. Boston: Houghton Miff1 in, 1963. Riverside Editions. Paper. $ 1.60. Becker, George J. (ed). DOCUMENTS OF MODERN LITERARY REALISM. Princeton: Princeton U P, 1963. $8.50. Cohen, B. Bernard. WRITING ABOUT LITERATURE. Chicago: Scott, Foresman, 1963. Paper. $1.75. Col ford, William E. (trans & ed). CUSSIC TALES FROM SPANISH AMERICA. Selected, Edited and Translated by William E. Colford. Great Neck, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 1962. Paper: $1.50; cloth: $2.95. Firor, Ruth A. FOLKWAYS IN THOMAS HARDY. NY: A. S. Barnes, 1962. [First ed, 1931] Perpetua Edition. Paper. $2.45. Glasgow, Ellen. THE COLLECTED STORIES OF ELLEN GLASGOW. Ed by Richard K. Meeker. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State U P, 1963. $5.00. Lascelles, Mary. JANE AUSTEN AND HER ART. Lond: Oxford U P, I963. [First pub I939] Oxford Paperbacks. $1.65. Moore, George. ESTHER WATERS. Ed with an Intro and Textual Analysis by Lionel Stevenson. Boston: Houghton Miff1 in, 1963. Riverside Editions. Paper. $1.25 Orel, Harold. THOMAS HARDY'S EPIC-DRAMA: A STUDY OF THE DYNASTS. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas P, I963. $3.50. Owen, Harold. JOURNEY FROM OBSCURITY. WILFRED OWEN, 1893-1918. MEMOIRS OF THE OWEN FAMILY. I. CHILDHOOD. Lond: Oxford U P, I963. $4.80. [Plimpton, George (ed)]. WRITERS AT WORK: THE PARIS REVIEW INTERVIEWS: SECOND SERIES. Introduced by Van Wyck Brooks. NY: Viking P, I963. $6.50. Sartre, Jean-Paul. ESSAYS IN AESTHETICS. Selected and Translated by Wade Baskin. NY: Philosophical Library, 1963. $3.75. Sutton, Walter. MODERN AMERICAN CRITICISM. Englewood Cl iffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1963. $5.95. Thurston, Jarvis, 0. B. Emerson, Carl Hartman, and Elizabeth V. Wright (comps). SHORT FICTION CRITICISM: A CHECKLIST OF INTERPRETATION SINCE 1925 OF STORIES AND NOVELETTES (AMERICAN, BRITISH, CONTINENTAL): 1800-1958. Denver: Alan Swallow, I960. [Second Printing] $1.85. [Todd, William B. (com??) JOHN STEINBECK: AN EXHIBITION OF AMERICAN AND FOREIGN EDITIONS. Austin: The Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas, May 1963. 181 Twain, Mark. THE FORGOTTON WRITINGS OF MARK TWAIN. Edited by Henry Duskis. NY: Philosophical Library, 1963. $6.00. Wilson, Edmund. I THOUGHT OF DAISY. Baltimore, Maryland: Penguin Books, 1963. Paper. $0.95. ...


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