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VI Major Figure courses: (eg, Shaw, Yeats, Hardy, etc) Brief description (or syllabus attached) Frequency: Annually______ Alternate years______ Irregularly______ Your Institution____________________________ 5. The ELT Forum: We shall allow space, whenever our readers require it, for relatively informal comments on articles or reviews we publish or on discussions during the annual meeting of the Conference. We would also be delighted to publish letters to the editor, but writers must indicate that such letters are intended for publication. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. People: Dan Laurence (NYU) spent part of the summer in England working on his multifarious projects, but chiefly on Shaw. James G. Hepburn (University of Rhode Island) once more made his nearly annual summer research jaunt to London to continue his researches on Arnold Bennett. Charles Burkhart (Temple) will spend much of academic 1963-1964 in France, where he will teach a course in "Great Books" at American College in Paris. He promises to make occasional diversionary Channel crossings to England in behalf of ELT. Anchor Press has also just released Burkhart's anthology of writings on the short story. H. B. Rouse (Arkansas) was In England this summer interviewing Frank Swinnerton In connection with a book on that 1 itterateur. William Halloran (Duke) was in Scotland this summer working on William Sharp. Pierre Coustillas, newly appointed Assistant at the Sorbonne, spent a month in London working on Gissing. Ruth Z, Temple (Brooklyn) will spend academic 1963-1964 in France. She is working on a continuation of Moulton's Library of Literary Criticism concerned with modern British authors. Hollywood in exile! Academia in exile? 2. Arnold Bennett Letters: James G. Hepburn, University of Rhode Island, will edit the collected edition of Arnold Bennett's letters for Oxford University Press. Since probably 7,000 letters of an estimated 40,000 survive, Hepburn's collection will necessarily be selective. The bulk of the letters to be included will not have been published before. Mr. Hepburn requests information about the location of unpublished correspondence in private collections and institutional libraries. Also, does anyone know of the whereabouts of the correspondence between Bennett and Ford said to be owned by a Mrs. Charles Bramley (address unknown)? vil 3. Unwiη-Moore Letters and Publishing Records: H. E. Gerber (Purdue), now completing the first of two projected volumes on George Moore, would like to hear of unpublished letters from and to Moore and from and to T. Fisher Unwin, the publisher, especially for the years 1893 through 1910. Any information about the records of the Unwln firm, which was bought by Benn in about 1926, will be appreciated. In addition, somewhat more specialized information is needed: information on the relationship between Moore and Bram Stoker and that between Moore and Aubrey Beards ley. Write: H. E. Gerber, Department of English, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana. 4. New Journals: STUDIES IN SHORT FICTION ($4.00 a year) has been announced. Editor: Frank L. Hoskins, Department of English, Newberry College, Newberry, S. C. Peter Ruber, The Candlelight Press, 430 East 86th Street, New York 28, N. Y., published the new quarterly of the Arthur Machen Society (no details as yet) and, with "the cooperation of Adrian Conan Doyle," he will also publish "an annual book of unpublished Conan Doyle material, the first such publication being STRANGE STUDIES FROM LIFE (1963). The new JAMES JOYCE QUARTERLY, under the editorship of Thomas F. Staley, 1402 E. 19th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be published in October, January, April, and July; emphasis will be on bibliography. 5. The English Institute: The 22nd Session was held at Columbia University from 3 Sept through 6 Sept 1963. Four conference were scheduled: 1) Transforming the American Scene: The 'Nineties and After; 2) Ideas in the Drama; 3) Samson Agonistes; 4) Study of Prosody. The first conference heard papers on "James and the Novel of Manners" (Laurence Holland), "Santayana and the Adequacy of Naturalism " (Richard C. Lyon), "Robinson's Modernity" (J. C. Levenson), and "Eugene O'Neill and the Escape from the Chateau d'lf" (John Henry Raleigh). The second conference, which might also interest ELT subscribers, heard papers on "Shaw on Ibsen and the Drama of ideas" (John Gassner), "Ideas in the Plays of Eugene O'Neill...


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