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ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. People : Richard Carpenter (Bowling Green State University) has contracted with Twayne Publishers to prepare a book on I. A. Richards Lionel Stevenson (University of Houston) is editor of Dickens Studies Newsletter. For information about membership in the society and subscriptions , write Robert B. Partlow, Jr., Department of English, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois (629OI) 2. Journals : The Journal of Irish Literature, edited by Robert Hogan, has its editorial address at P. 0. Box 361, Newark, Delaware (I97II). The Mystery and Detection Annual, edited by D. K. Adams, is especially interested in articles on nineteenth-century fiction. Write to the editor, 152 South Clark Drive, Beverly Hills, California (90211). The Thomas Hardy Year Book 1972/1973. published at the Toucan Press, Mount Durand, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, C. I., via Britain (1972) contains many fine photographs, a number of particularly provocative articles, and more of the "Trumpet-Major" notebook. This third number of the Year Book contains over 100 pages and is available from the publisher at 50p ($1.32). 3. Fourth International James Joyce Symposium: Symposium IV will be held in Dublin, 11-17 June 1973. For details on group flights, housing, and the program, write Dr. Thomas F. Staley, Dean of the Graduate School, University of Tulsa, 600 S. College St., Tulsa, Oklahoma (74104). For information on membership in the Janes Joyce Foundation, write Professor Bernard Eenstock, English Department, Kent State University , Kent, Ohio (44242). 4. Correspondence : Jean Overton Fuller, in response to Benjamin Franklin Fisher's review of her Swinburne : A Biography, writes as follows, and Picfessor Fisher replies: October 17th, 1972 Dear Sir, It is not my custom to reply to criticism of my own work, but 1 must correct your reviewer, Benjamin Franklin Fisher, in a factual error on which he bases an implication. It was not, as he supposes , my American publisher who "deleted" the word Critical from the sub-title of my biography of Swinburne, but my British publisher who inserted it. The title I gave the book was Pale for Thy Pleasure , A- Biography of Swinburne and it was so advertised in the advance prospectus of Messrs Chatto & v;indus. Before it went to the printers, however, Mr. Ian Parsons of Chatto & W Indus rang up to say he would prefer the title should be Swinburne : A_ Biography. I concurred . Sometime later, he rang up again and said, "I have taken the liberty of inserting the word Criticol in your sub-title." When they told me they had sold the American rights to Schocken Books, I wrote to them that I preferred A- Biography as the subtitle and wished them to instruct the American publishers to restore that. I am, Sir, yours faithfully, (signed) Jean Overton Fuller October 30, 1972 Dear Professor Gerber: Thank you for passing on to me the letter of Jean Overton Fuller (dated October 17th, 1972), concerning my review of her Swinburne ; A Biography. She calls to your attention "a factual error on which he [myself] bases an implication." This factual error is my remark about the difference in title between the British and American printings of her book. The British title is Swinburne : A- Critical Biography, the American title deletes "critical." I was of course unaware that Critical was an insertion by Miss Fuller's publishers, and that she was in agreement with the deletion of that word from the American printing of her book. Nevertheless, my remarks about the omission of that word still may stand unchallenged ; it is not the wisdom, or what I supposed might have been the wisdom, of the American publisher that I wanted to emphasize . I still think, as I did when writing my review, th at Miss Fuller's book is not critical in an analytical way. I apologize to her, however, for what was not intended as anything more than disinterested criticism, of my own sort, of the book under review. Sincerely yours, (signed) Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV THE SECOND AND THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES OF CONRAD SCHOLARS The International Conrad Society and Conradiana sponsored the Second International Conference of Conrad Scholars at the University of London, Birkbeck College, 1-3 September, under this reporter 's chairmanship. Frofessor Harold Brooks, editor...


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