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THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. MLA Seminar (NY 1972)! The Short Story; 1880-1920: Thirtyfour persons were in attendance in addition to the participants. Brief summaries of the five papers published in ELT, XV: if- (1972) led to a wide-ranging discussion. Lionel Stevenson·s emphasis on what he called the "agglomerative urge" (a happily convenient term), which had for centuries led writers away from short self-contained fiction, and V/endell Harris's focus on Kipling's techniques for truncating the essay-like openings of most earlier nineteenth-century English stories led naturally into further consideration of the forces which began to counteract the "agglomerative" or "centripetal" impulses. Jan Gordon's paper argued that late nineteenth-century writers no longer saw life in the linear, directional terms which allowed the construction of the typical nineteenth-century novel ¡ rather, they were recognizing discrete, self-enclosed individuals and moments. The relationship between such a shift and new forms of realism was debated; unfortunately, the group had insufficient time to pin down the relevant meanings of realism. Karl Beckson's examination of Moore's achievement in The Untilled Field and his possible influence on Joyce's Dubliners fit neatly with John Lester's comparison of the short stories of Joyce and Yeats. Again there was insufficient time to pursue adequately the comparison of the three Irish writers who broke so much of the ground on which twentieth-century literature has been built, but interesting hares were started; what is the nature of the affinity between poetry and the tale, how precisely did Moore's understanding of the short story differ from that of the Yellow Book group, why did Joyce so totally embrace the agglomerative mode after Dubliners, etc? [ν/Υπ] 2. ELT Seminar (Chicago 1973)¡ E; M. Forster; The seventeenth consecutive ELT Seminar will be directed by Professor Frederick P. W. McDowell (University of Iowa) and will, under the guidance of a panel of specialists, investigate the current state of scholarship on Forster. The time, we feel, has come to pause and ask some basic questions; what have we done? what problems have been resolved? what new problems have been raised? what are some potentially fruitful lines of research that still need to be taken? We hope that the Forster volume in the ASB Series will be available by December, 1973 or shortly thereafter and provide a research tool that will help Forster scholars to answer these questions more efficiently . 3. Report on ASB Series; Contracted to date and published as indicated ; W.. Somerset Maugham, comp and ed by Charles Sanders (DeKaIb; NIU P, 1970). Print order ; 1500 Sales to Nov 1: 1221 Joseph Conrad, comp and ed by Bruce E. Teets and Helmut E. Gerber (DeKalb; MIU P, 1971). Print order ; 2066 Sales to Nov 1; 907 Thomas Hardy, comp and ed by Helmut E. Gerber and Vi. Eugene Davis (DeKaIb; NIU P, 1973). Print order: 2000 E. M. Forster, comp and ed by Frederick P. W, McDowell Tentative pub date: Fall 1973 John Galsworthy, comp and ed by Earl E. Stevens and H. Ray Stevens Tentative pub date: 1974 George Gissing, comp and ed by Joseph J. Wolff Tentative pub date: 1974 D. H. Lawrence, comp and ed by James C. Cowan Tentative pub date; Spring 1975 H. G. Wells, comp and ed by Alfred Borrello and William J. Scheick Tentative pub date; Fall 1975 The following volumes have been recommended and await final contract authorization: Walter Pater Ford Madox Ford Oscar Wilde The following volumes are under consideration: Supplement to Joseph Conrad Supplement to Thomas Hardy George Bernard Shaw (tentatively, in three volumes) George Moore The Northern Illinois University Press and the editors of the individual volumes welcome suggestions, comments, corrections, and additions. k. Report on KLT Special Series Number J: In preparation; The Special Series is irregularly published independently of ELT. It has a larger page size and is separately numbered. It is our intention to publish in this series previously unpublished material, translations of important articles originally published in a foreign language and not readily accessible to British and American scholars, and reprints of unusual or relatively obscure and uncollected short primary titles. The various issues in this...


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