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ii THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. MLA Seminar; Aesthetics of Realisms; A Report: The ELT Seminar met at the Hilton Hotel (NY) on December 29, 1970. Between 35 and kO persons attended and took part in the lively discussion . Carol A. Hawkes (Pinch College) briefly summarized her "Galsworthy: tile Paradox of Realism" and James G. Kennedy (Northern Illinois University ) summarized his "Voynlch, Bennett, and Tressell: Two Alternatives for Realism in The Transition Age." Both papers had been published in ELT, XIII: ^ (1970). Professor Ian Watt (Stanford University) JcTned the panel and spoke on "Impressionism as Realism ," with primary reference to Conrad and Ford for his illustrations . Hr. Watt's paper had not been published prior to the meeting but hopefully will be in the near future. The discussion which followed, with H. E. Gerber as Discussion Leader, seemed to justify the plurals in the seminar topic title. It was clear that any discussion of realism must begin with a careful statement of premises. At least one major area of disagreement emerged, represented by those whose premises were societyoriented and those whose premises rere art-oriented. There was also some contention over whether the critic's role was to describe a technique or evaluate an ideology. Since the Seminar was planned to be exploratory rather than conclusive , perhaps quite properly more questions were raised than answered. That the meeting was successful was evidenced by the several informal discussions carried on long afterwards. We would be pleased to have brief written comments to consider for use in ELT. 2. Seminar on English Literature in Transition: Thomas Hardy (MLA. Chicago. 1971): We have planned to request permission for a Seminar on Thomas Hardy at the 1971 meetings of MLA in Chicago. If the Seminar is approved. Professor Robert Schweik (State University College, Fredonla, N.Õ .) will be Discussion Leader. 3. The A.S.B. Serlesi Most of our readers now know that the W. Somerset Maugham volume, compiled and edited by Charles Sanders, in the Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series was published by Northern Illinois University Press in October, 1970. We are pleased to record that much interest has been shown in this first volume of the Series. We have had advance notice that a very laudatory review by William White is forthcoming in the Library Journal. The volume on Conrad, compiled and edited by Bruce E. Teets and H. E. Gerber, la at the Press and should be in print late in the Summer or in the early Fall. ill The Hardy volume, compiled and edited by H. E. Gerber and W. Eugene Davis, is progressing rapidly. Our present deadline for completion of the typescript Is the end of Summer. We would still appreciate some help with last-minute abstracting. Qualified persons willing to give a modest amount of time to this project In its final stages should write to the Editor, ELT, Department of English, Northern Illinois University, DeKaTB, Illinois (6OII5). ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Elsie B. Adams (Wisoonsln State University - Whitewater) will have in print by Fall, 1971, her Bernard Shaw and the Aesthetes (Ohio State UP). The book, with our blessings, will contain a revised version of "The Portrait of the Artist in Bernard Shaw's Novels," ELT, X: 3 (1967). 2. Anita Miller, who provides us with the annual abstracts of writings on Bennett is writing her dissertation on "An Annotated Bibliography of the Writings of Arnold Bennett for English and American Periodicals" under Samuel Hynes (Northwestern University), 3. W. Somerset Maugham is, according to word from Richard Cordell, receiving major attention by two scholars. Joseph Dobrinsky is at work on a major critical study and Klaus Jonas is at work on a full-scale biography. ^. E. M. Förster's "Maurice," a novel about homosexuality written between 1913 and 1915· has been found among the author's papers. According to a New York Times Service report we saw in the Canadian Globe and Mail. 13 Nov 1970, p. Ik, it may be published by Edward Arnold in the Fall, 1971. The same report also comments briefly on Forster's own homosexuality. P. N. Furbank, who is to write the authorized biography, is also quoted on Forster's attitude toward marraige. 5...


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