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115 BIBLIOGRAPHIES. NEWS, AND NOTES Compiled and Edited by H. E. Gerber and W. E. Davis In this section, we once more summarize what we have published in the past seven years on the authors regularly listed. The i terns previously published on each author are totalled for each number in which the individual author's name appeared. The summary of items includes everything we have listed in ELT bibliographies as well as articles and notes we have published through Volume 7: 4 (1964) and the first number of our Special Series (1964). We do not abstract articles and notes which we have published in ELT, but we do list them. ARNOLD BENNETT by James G. Kennedy Annotated items on Bennett have appeared previously in EFT and ELT, as follows: 55 items in James G. Hepburn's selected list [l, 1 (1957-58)]; 15 Items [l, 3 (1958)]; 1 item ClI, 1 (1959)]; 4 items [ill, 1 (I960)]; 3 items [ill, 2 (I960)]; 3 items [IV, 1 (1961)]; 5 items [IV, 2 (1961)]; 2 items [IV, 3 (1961)]; 22 i terns [Vl, 1 (1963)]; 7 items [Vl , 2 (1963)]; 3 items [Vl, 3 (1963)]; 5 items [Vl, 4 (1963)]; 6 items [VII, 1 (1964)]; 2 items [Vl I , 2 (1964)]. Goetsch, Paul. "A Source of Virginia Woolf's MR. BENNETT AND MRS. BROWN," ELT, VII: 3 (1964), 188-89. Kennedy, James G. "Reassuring Facts in THE PRETTY LADY, LORD RAINGO, and the Modern Novel," ELT, VII: 3 (1964), 131-42. JOHN DAVYS BERESFORD Four items have previously been listed [l, 1 (1957)]. SIR WALTER BESANT Annotated i terns on Besant have appeared previously in EFT and ELT, as follows: a selected list of 13 i terns prepared by T. E. M. Boll and H. E. Gerber [il, 1 (1959)]; 1 item [III, 1 (I960)]; and 1 i tern [IV, 3 (1961)]. WILFRID SCAWEN BLUNT Joseph Dunlap (Library, CCNY) is preparing an annotated bibliography of writings about Wilfrid Scawen Blunt. JOHN BUCHAN, LORD TWEEDSMUIR J. Randolph Cox (Library, St. Olaf College) has nearly completed an annotated bibliography of writings about John Buchan and it Is being prepared for publication. 116 SAMUEL BUTLER Annotated i terns about Butler have been published in previous numbers of EFT and ELT, as follows: 15 i terns published since 1953, when the Harkness bibliography stops, and a number of later i terns not In the Harkness bibliography [l, 1 (195758 )]; 3 items [l, 2 (1958)]; 1 item [|, 3 (1958)]; 1 item [M, 1 (1959)3; 6 i terns [III, 1 (I960)]; 4 i terns [ill, 2 (I960)]; 3 i terns [IV, 1 (1961)]; 5 I terns [IV, 2 (1961)]; 7 items [V, 1 (1962)]; 25 items [Vl, 1 (1963)]; 5 i terns [Vl, 2 (1963)]; 7 items [Vl, 3 (1963)]; 2 items [Vl, 4.(1963)]; 2 items [VII, 1 (1964)]. Carey, Glenn 0. "Samuel Butler's Theory of Evolution: A Summary," ELT, VII: 4 (1964), 230-33. Noon, William T. "Three Young Men in Rebellion," THOUGHT, XXXVIII, No. 151 (Winter I963), 559-77. Comparison of THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, Joyce's PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST... and Salinger's CATCHER IN THE RYE. Discusses B's novel in terms of its wholesale criticism of Victorian life and the Anglican Church. [Porter] GILBERT CANNAN JOSEPH CONRAD A thorough annotated bibliography of writings about Conrad, under the direction of Bruce Teets, is in progress. Charles Burkhart, Lawrence Graver, Charles Green, Paul Goetsch, James R. Jones, James G. Kennedy, John A, Lester, Charles McCann, Robert Peters, Earl Stevens, and the Editors have already contributed abstracts to the project, although Bruce Teets has made himself responsible for the bulk of the task. We continue to need more collaborators if we are to bring this project to a conclusion in the near future. HUBERT CRACKANTHORPE Annotated items on Crackanthorpe have appeared previously in EFT and ELT, as follows: 3 items [l, 1 (1957)]; 1 item [1,3 (1958)]; 1 item [V, 1 (1962)]; 55 items compiled and annotated by V/endel1 Harris [Vl, 2 (I963)]; 3 items [Vl, 3 (I963)]; 2 items [Vl, 4 (I963)]. R. B. CUNNINGHAME-GRAHAM Annotated items on Cunninghame-Graham have appeared previously in EFT and ELT...


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