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THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. ELT Conference: New York, 1964: Conference 28: English Literature in Transition: Rudyard Kipling—A Centenary Revaluation, will meet in New York as follows: Place: Sheraton-Atlantic Date: Monday 28 Dec 1964 Room: Parlor D Time: 3:00-4:15 p. m. The topic of discussion is the development of Rudyard Kipling as a literary artist, changes in his technique of writing, and his importance and position among English writers of the 1880-1920 period. We might deal with how best to approach Kipling and how seriously his fiction is to be considered. It might be wise, too, to ask if modern critics are over-reading and over-interpreting Kipling's work in an effort to make him greater than he is. The starting point for our discussion will be the two papers published in this number of ELT: Louis L. Cornell's "The Development of Kipling's Prose from 1883 Through "PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS" and Elliot L. Gilbert's "The Aesthetics of Violence." Professor Cornell's paper examines in some detail the evolution and change in Kipling's early stories up to the publication of PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS. Professor Gilbert discusses one of the most controversial topics in Kipling criticism: violence. His paper provides an answer for Kipling's use of violence in so many stories and at the same time indicates the possibilities of interpretation of some of Kipling's late work through a close analysis. All those wishing to attend the Conference should write the Discussion Leader, Edward S. Lauterbach, English Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907. Attendance is limited by MLA rules to about 35 persons. 2. ELT Special Series: Mailed with this number of ELT is the first publication in a new series entitled ELT Special Series. Titles in this series are sent to all subscribers as part of their annual subscription for 1964 at no additional cost. This ELT Special Sieries will be made up mainly of previously unpublished or uncollected material by authors of the ELT period. The first number is a heretofore unpublished play by H. G. Wells entitled HOOPDRIVER'S HOLIDAY, based on Wells' novel THE WHEELS OF CHANCE. Never published nor acted, this play remained in manuscript form until it was discovered by Professor Michael Timko in the Wells Archives at the University of Illinois. Professor Timko carefully edited the play by collating three manuscript versions left by Wells. Though some changes have been made in spelling and punctuation, the play is as Wells wrote it. The ELT Special Series will be published irregularly as manuscript material becomes available. At least three other unpublished manuscripts are now being prepared by scholars working on ELT figures. We hope to issue at least one of these a year, thus publishing material that is of importance to the 1880-1920 period but that might not be published by either commercial or university presses because of the cost of typesetting and binding. If any scholar knows of unpublished material of some interest in the 1880-1920 era that would fit the ELT Special Series, he should contact one of the editors of ELT, describing the manuscript, its location, the likelihood of permission to publish, and his plan for editing and introducing such material. 3. Annual Summary of ELT Abstracts Delayed: It has been our custom to list in the last issue of each volume of ELT a summary of the number of abstracts published in the general bibliographies of authors in previous issues of ELT. These summaries indicate in which numbers of ELT material on a particular figure can be found and can be used in lieu of an index. (We hope some day to have a thorough index of the first five volumes of ELT.) This summary of abstracts has been delayed, but it will be published in a forthcoming number as soon as possible. 4. ELT Research in Progress: ELT Research in Progress appeared for the first time in ELT, Vl: 3 (1963). We have compiled this research list again for this number. Several new topics are listed; some of the topics listed last year are repeated. Several researchers who responded to the...


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