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252 the expected quarters. In spite of its obvious excellences, the book as a whole is vaguely unsatisfying. In his discussions of Hardy's methods of composition and of his textual revisions, for example, Marsden has something genuinely new and useful to say; but In other sections, notably the chapters on vocabulary and the translation of philosophic Ideas into verse, there Is a certain staleness, a restatement of generally well known theories. Throughout the book, the wide-ranging reliance upon poetic theorists of almost every variety (Clough, Chesterton, T.S. Eliot, Auden, Valéry, Owen Barfleld, James Sutherland , Blackmur, and Winfred Nowottny, for example) tends to diffuse rather than focus the argument. Perhaps the greatest weakness of the book is that It is In a general sense underdeveloped. At almost every point, the reader feels that more could have been said within the confines of the thesis. There are, finally, certain unexplained omissions. Why, for example, did Marsden choose not to discuss in some detail Hardy's imagery, or his love poetry (surely a central document in the case for Hardy as personal poet), or even his nature poetry? None of these weaknesses, however, is sufficient to negate the importance of Marsden's study. It Is not the comprehensive treatment that Hardy's poetry still needs and deserves, but It Is a sound, persuasive, and articulate statement of a significant critical perspective on Hardy's poetry. Illinois State University William W. Morgan BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. Bailey, J. 0. THE POETRY OF THOMAS HARDY: A HANDBOOK AND COMMENTARY . Chapel Hills University of North Carolina P, 1970. $15.00. Chappie, J. A. V. DOCUMENTARY AND IMAGINATIVE LITERATURE: I88OI920 . Lond: Blandford P, 1970. 75s [cloth]; 27s [paper]. Colby, Viñeta. THE SINGULAR ANOMALY: WOMEN NOVELISTS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. NY: New York UP; Lond: University of London P, 1970. $10.00 [cloth]; $3.50 [paper], Defoe, Daniel. CAPTAIN SINGLETON. Ed by Shiv K. Kumar. Lond: Oxford UP, 1969. $4.46. Defoe, Daniel. THE HISTORY AND REMARKABLE LIFE OF THE TRULY HONOURABLE COL. JACQUE COMMONLY CALL'D COL JACK. Ed by Samuel Holt Monk. Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. $2.25 [paper], Dorsten, J. A. Van. THE RADICAL ARTS: FIRST DECADE OF AN ELIZABETHAN RENAISSANCE. Leiden: At the UP; Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. $10.50. Glsslng, George. ESSAYS & FICTION. Ed by Pierre Coustillas. Baltimore : The John Hopkins P, 1970. $8.50. 253 Gosse, Edmund. FATHER AND SON. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1970. 11.45. Greenwood, David. WILLIAM KING: TORY AND JACOBITE. Oxford: Clarendon p, 1969. fio.50. Hazlitt, William. SELECTED WRITINGS. Ed by Ronald Blythe. Baltimore : Penguin Eooks, 1970. $2.25 [paper]. Levlne, Bernard. THE DISSOLVING IMAGE: THE SPIRITUAL-ESTHETIC DEVELOPMENT OF W.B. YEATS. Detroit: Wayne State UP, 1970. 4f g, 95, Lyon/Melvln. SYMBOL AND IDEA IN HENRY ADAMS. Lincoln: University of Nebraska P, 1970. $9.75. Mallock, W. H. THE NEW PAUL AND VIRGINIA OR POSITIVISM ON AN ISLAND. Ed by John D. Margolls. Lincoln: University of Nebraska P, I97O. $4.50. THE NIGHT-WALKER: OR, EVENING RAMBLES IN SEARCH AFTER LEWD WOMEN, WITH CONFERENCES HELD WITH THEM & c. Ed by G. Stevens Cox. Mount Durand, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, C. I., Via Britain: Toucan P, 1970. $3.00. NON-CYCLE PLAYS AND FRAGMENTS. Ed by Norman Davis. Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. $9.75. Pater, Walter. LETTERS OF WALTER PATER. Ed by Lawrence Evans. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1970. $8.00. THE PENGUIN BOOK OF SCOTTISH VERSE. Ed by Tom Scott. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1970. $2.65 [paper]. Radcllffe, Ann. THE MYSTERIES OF UDOLPHO. Ed by Bonamy Dobrée. Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. $4.25 [paper], Thackeray, William. THE HISTORY OF HENRY ESMOND. Ed by John Sutherland and Michael Greenfield. Baltimore: Penguin Books, I97O. $2.65 [paper]. ...


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