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249 the novel and gives passages from works representative of a longer period; Becker's book treats in depth the realist-naturalist movement only and, except for earlier items in the first section ("The Impulse Toward Realism"), emphasizes the period from I87O on. Immersed in research on George Moore as I am, It Is perhaps not unnatural for me to be disappointed that one of Moore's prefaces or reviews is not Included In either Becker's or Hugo's book. Moore was very much involved in the English real Ist-natural i st movement; Moore was, like Arthur Symons, Edmund Gosse, and a few others, a significant transmitter of French literature into England. Perhaps Moore's "My Impressions of Zola" (1894) or, In Its later revised form, "A Visit to Medan"; his review of L1OEUVRE or LE REVE; his preface to PIPING HOT or to THE RUSH FOR THE SPOIL; or his essay on Balzac might have been Included. Similarly, Hardy's "Candour in English Fiction" might also have found a place In one of these volumes, but, then, as Mr. Becker knowingly predicts, no selection would be wholly satisfactory to "all who use the book." At any rate, Becker's excellent collection Is made particularly useful by his fine introductory chapter, by the inclusion of many pieces not often anthologized and in many instances not readily available In English, by helpful headnotes and explanatory footnotes, by a fine "Short Bibliography of History and Criticism," and, unlike Mr. Hugo's book, by a most welcome Index. Certainly, a student specializing in 19th- and 20th- century literature, but especially one concentrating on the literature of the ELT period, would do well to own the Becker volume. Purdue University H. E. Gerber BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. fibel, Darrel. AMERICAN LITERATURE. Great Neck, NY: Barron's Educational Series, I963. 3 vols. Paper. $2.25 each; 1 vol. Clothbound. $9.95. Brander, Laurence. SOMERSET MAUGHAM: A GUIDE. NY: Barnes & Noble, 1963. $5.00. Bume, Glenn S. REMY Dt GOURMONT: HIS IDEAS AND INFLUENCE IN ENGUND AND AMERICA. Carbondale: Southern Illinois U P, I963. $4.50. Edel, Leon (ed). HENRY JAMES: A COLLECTION OF CRITICAL ESSAYS. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1963. Twentieth Century Views. $3.95. Fishman, Solomon. THE INTERPRETATION OF ART: ESSAYS ON THE ART OF CRITICISM OF JOHN RUSKIN, WALTER PATER, CLIVE BELL, ROGER FRY AND HERBERT READ. Berkeley: University of CaIifornia P, I963. $4.50. Church, Margaret. TIME AND REALITY: STUDIES IN CONTEMPORARY FICTION. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina P, 1963. $6.00. 250 Goodheart, Eugene. THE UTOPIAN VISION OF D. H. UWRENCE. Chicago: University of Chicago P, 1963. $5.00. Hay, Eliose Knapp. THE POLITICAL NOVELS OFJOSEPH CONRAD. Chicago: University of Chicago P, 1963. $6.00. Hepburn, James G. THE ART OF ARNOLD BENNETT. Bloomington: Indiana U P, 1963. $6.00. James, Louis. FICTION FOR THE WORKING MAN: A STUDY OF THE LITERATURE PRODUCED FOR THE WORKING CUSSES IN EARLY VICTORIAN URBAN ENGUND, 1830-1850. Lond: Oxford U P, I963. $5.60. Klinefelter, Walter. SHERLOCK HOLMES IN PORTRAIT AND PROFILE. Syracuse: Syracuse U P, I963. $5.50. Levitt, John, and Joan Levitt. THE SPELL OFWORDS. NY: Philosophical Library, 1963 [1959]. $5.00. Raknem, Ingvald. H. G. WELLS AND HIS CRITICS. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget; NY: The Humanities P, 1962. $8.00. Schilling, Bernard N. (ed). DRYDEN: A COLLECTION OF CRITICAL ESSAYS. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1963. Twentieth Century Views. $3.95. Stewart, J. I. M. EIGHT MODERN V/RITERS. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1963- Oxford History of English Literature. Vol. XII. $11.00. ...


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