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190 A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE NOVELS OF W. H. MALLOCK By Charles C. Nickerson THE NEW REPUBLIC 1877 THE NEW REPUBLIC; [red] / OR, / CULTURE. FAITH. AND PHILOSOPHY ¿N AN ENGLISH COUNTRY HOUSE. / [publisher's device] / [Greek motto] / Greek Anthology. / IN TWO VOLUMES.—VOL. J_. Qj..] / Lofjdoij: [red] / CHATTO AND WINDUS, PICCADILLY. [red] / 1877. [red] / All rights reserved. Volume One: (7 1/2 χ 5): [A]1*, B-q8, R2 ; pp. vit I, 244. Contents: [t-ll], blank; [itl-tv], half-title, on verso boxed list of New Novels at All the Llbrartes; [v-vl], title, on verso center publisher's note; [vll-vllll, dedication, verso blank; [1-2], fly-title, verso blank; Õ 3] - 124, text; [125126 ], fly-title, verso blank; [127]-210, text; [211-212], fly-title, verso blank; [213Î-241, text; [242], blank; [243-244], publisher's device, verso blank; 36 pp. Inserted adverts, dated October, 1876. Volume Two: (7 1/2 χ 5): [A]2, B-R8, S2; pp. Iv, 260. Contents: [l-ll], half-title, verso as In Vol. I.; [IiI-Iv], title, on verso center printer's Imprint; [1-2], fly-title, verso blank; Õ 3Õ -I07, text; [108], blank; [IO9-IIO], fly-title, verso blank; [lll]-220, text; [221-222], fly-title, verso blank; [223J-259, text, colophon matching Imprint p. [iv], verso blank. Issued in fine-ribbed mauve cloth; gilt lettering on spine with blocking in gilt and black; geometrical design blocked in black on front cover, in blind on back. Pale yellow endpapers. Uncut. Published In March at 21s. Notes: I. A version of THE NEW REPUBLIC preceding the Chatto text by a few months was published tn BELGRAVIA, XXIX-XXXI (June-Dec, I876). The note to this effect on p. CvI-] of volume one has not been reprinted In any edition dated after 1877. The BELGRAVIA text, according to this note, was apparently a condensation, with some alterations, of an earlier version to which Mallock returned when the book came to be Issued by Chatto. One therefore cannot regard it as necessartly a predecessor, in point of composition, to the Chatto vers ton. H. The second edition of THE NEW REPUBLIC, issued in December, 1877 (dated I878), at six shillings, was evtdently designed to replace the original two-volume edltton, which had sold at one guinea. This would suggest that economic 191 rather than literary considerations were responsible for the deletion from the I878 and later texts of the long footnote appearing on pages eight and nine of the first edition, a footnote which Professor Patrick was regrettably prevented from reproducing, except In abbreviated form, In his own edition. That the note has, as he observes, "little relevance to the novel" (p. 3) need not be doubted. But It does have some, and that Mal lock should have taken the trouble to Include it, after restoring the BELGRAVIA version "to its original form" (1877: I, p. [vl]), indicates what he, at least, thought of its relevance. An elaborately wrought piece of descriptive prose, it helps Inversely to establish the character of Otho Laurence's villa while directing a lightly parodie thrust at the novels of 'Oulda'. Carl R. Woodring ("Notes on Mal lock's THE NEW REPUBLtC", NINETEENTH-CENTURY FICTION, Vl [June, 1951], 73-74) states that by the footnote Mal lock sought "to dissociate his Peacocklan novel, set as the subtitle announced 'in an English country house,' from the fashionable novels manufactured with 'a slight difference tn style' by persons less qualifted to portray English aristocracy." tii. The existence of at least three tssues of the I878 New Edttion is Indicative of the continued demand for the book. Issue A: Opinions of the press, same as tn ftrst edition; no pertod on halftitle ; spindly floral motif against background of berries and leaves blocked in blue on pale blue-grey endpapers; no adverts. Issue B: Opinions of the press, same as in first edition; no period on half-tl"tle; endpapers match those of THE NEW PAUL AND VIRGINIA; 36 pp. of adverts. Inserted at end dated March, I878 (as In first edition of NP&V). Issue C: On the opinions of the press leaf the notices from LONDON, LIVERPOOL WEEKLY ALBION, and SCOTSMAN have been replaced...


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