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Vl I (ELT, VI: 3[1963] v-vi, gives a form which may serve as a guide to those providing us with information about ELT courses.) 5. ELT Research in Progress: We introduced this section for the first time in the preceding number of ELT. We hope to include this section each year in the September number. Response has been good, but we would like even better coverage. We hope all readers will encourage anyone they know to be working on a thesis or book in the ELT field to write us so that we can list as much of the research in progress in the ELT period as possible. The following paragraphs are reproduced from prefatory remarks to the first ELT Research in Progress: 1963-64 that we published (Vl: 3 [1963]): ELT Research In Progress lists book-length projects and doctoral dissertations being written by scholars working in British literature of the 1880-1920 period. The purpose of this compilation is twofold: l) to indicate the type of topics being investigated; and 2) to put scholars working on similar subjects, or with pertinent information which they wish to share, in touch with one another. ELT Research in Progress will continue on a yearly basis. Inclusion in the 196364 compilation does not mean that inclusion is automatic for the 1964-65 listing. If the interested scholar wishes to be Usted, he must indicate this annually by sending a post card to the Associate Editor of ELT, E. S. Lauterbach, giving name, address, and a brief summary of the research topic. The deadline for inclusion is June 30. Furthermore, it will be a great help if all information is put on a post card rather than in letters. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. "Lewis Carroll" (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) Letters: Roger Lancelyn Green, the English author, and Morton Cohen (The City College of the City University of New York) have been given exclusive permission by the literary executors of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ("Lewis Carroll"), 1832-98, to collect and edit his correspondence for publication. Professor Cohen would appreciate hearing from anyone who owns, or knows the location of, any letters that Dodgson wrote or received. Write to Professor Morton Cohen, Department of English, the City College, New York 31, N. Y. Morton Cohen, it will be remembered, is the author of RIDER HAGGARD and is at present completing a book on the Kipling-Haggard friendship. 2. The Novel and History: A Colloguium: We regret that this announcement is too late to reach our readers prior to the Colloquium on the modern novel held at Seton Hall University in late October. James G. Kennedy gave a paper on "The Modern Novel and History." Perhaps we may be able to get a post-mortem report from Professor Kennedy at a later date. 3. JAMES JOYCE QUARTERLY: Volume 1, Number 1 (Fall 1963), edited by Thomas F. Staley and published by The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has appeared. The first number contains an article on "Two Gallants" and "Ivy Day in the Committee Room," a poem ("The Fabulost Revoyager") by Richard M. Kain, "A Note on Joyce and Jung," "An Allusion List for James Joyce's 'Ulysses'—Part I. Telemachus," an article on "The Quiddity of Shem and the Whatness of Shaun," and reviews. Subscriptions in the United States and Canada are $2.00 per year; single copies are $0.75 each. We wish Mr. Staley well. ...


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