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124 His critical comment, historical notes and bibliography are useful and informative. This anthology could serve as a fine text for a course in 19th century drama, and Mr. Bailey's selection and editorial material suggest the usefulness of such a course. 3UNY, Fredonia (Sept I968) Henry F. Salerno BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. Amaya. Mario. ART NOUVEAU. NY: E. F. Dutton. 1967. A Dutton Vista Fictureback. $2.45. THE ART CF VICTORIAN FROSE. Ed by George Levine and William Madden. NY: Oxford U F. I968. Seebe. Maurice. A CRITICAL STUDY GUIDE TO CONRAD'S LORD JIM. Los Angeles: Littlefield, Adams, I968. Pennant Key-Indexed Study Guides. P3 128. $1.00. Eoughner. Daniel C. THE DEVIL'S DISCIFLE: BFN JONSON'S DEBT TO MACHIAVELLI. NY: Philosophical Library. I968. $5-95Erown . Douglas. HARDY: THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE. Woodbury. NY: Barron's Educational Series, 1962. Studies in English Literature No 7. 30.85,ENGLISH DRAMA IN TRANSITION: 1880-1920. Ed by Henry F. Salerno. NY: Fegasus. I968. Cloth: $11.95: paper: Õ 3-95. ENGLISH FOETRY IN TRANSITION: 1880-1920. Ed by John M. Munro. NY: Fegasus. I968. Cloth: S'il.95; paper: $3.95. THE ENGLISH SHORT STORY IN TRANSITION: 1880-1920. Ed by Helmut E. Gerber. NY: Pegasus, I967. Cloth: 111.95: paper: $3.95. Gerber, Helmut E. GEORGE MOORE IN TRANSITION: LETTERS TO T. FISHER UNWIN AND LENA MILMAN, 1894-1910. Ed with a commentary by Helmut E. Gerber. Detroit: Wayne State U P, I968. 312.00. Hardy. Thomas. SELECTED SHORTER FOEMS OF THOMAS HARDY. Introd by John Wain. NY: St. Martin's P, I966. Fapermac. F 157. $1.50. Hardy. Thomas. SELECTED STORIES OF THOMAS HARDY. Introd by John Wain. NY: St. Martin's P, 1966. Papermac. P I58. $1.50. Hungerford, Edward B. SHORES OF DARKNESS. Cleveland: World Publishing Co.. I963. A Meridian Book, M I63. #1.95James , Henry. HAWTHORNE. Ed by Tony Tanner. NY: St. Martin's P, 1967. Papermac, 197. Knights, L. C. DRAMA AND SOCIETY IN THE AGE OF J0NS0N. NY: W. W. Norton, I968. The Norton Library, N 451. $2.25. Lawrence. D. H. PHOENIX II: MORE UNCOLLECTED WRITINGS (I967) BY D. H. LAWRENCE. Ed by Warren Roberts and Harry T. Moore. NY: Viking F. 1968. $12.50. Martin, Robert Bernard. CHARLOTTE BRONTE'S NOVELS: THE ACCENTS OF PERSUASION. NY: W. W. Norton, I968. The Norton Library, N 448. $1.85. MODERN ESSAYS: A RHETORICAL APPROACH. Ed by James G. Hepburn and Robert A. Greenberg. NY: Macmlllan, I968 [2nd ed], 125 Moskowitz, Sam. EXPLORERS OF THE INFINITE: SHAPERS OF SCIENCE FICTION. Cleveland: World Publishing Co., I963. A Meridian Book, M 202. fl.95. Raleigh, John Henry. TIME, PLACE, AND IDEA: ESSAYS ON THE NOVEL. Carbondale: Southern Illinois U P, I968. $4.95. READING FOR UNDERSTANDING; Ed by Caroline Shrodes, Justine Van Gundy, Joel Dorius. NY: Macmlllan, I968. [With Instructor's Manual.] Rizal, José. THE LOST EDEN. Trans by León Ma. Guerrero and Foreword by James A. Michener. NY: W. W. Norton, I968. The Norton Library, N 222. $2.45. Rizal, José. THE SUBVERSIVE. Trans by León Ma. Guerrero. NY: W. W. Norton, I968. The Norton Library, N 449. $1.95. Spring, Gerald M. MAN'S INVINCIBLE SURMISE: A PERSONAL INTERPRETATION OF BOVARYSM AS AN APFROACH TO SOCIOLOGY IN OUR TIME. NY: Philosophical Library, I968. $4.50. Tanner, Tony. CONRAD: LORD JIM. Woodbury, NY: Barron's Educational Series, I963. Studies in English Literature No 12. $0.85. THE THEORY OF THE NOVEL. Ed by Philip Stevick. NY: The Free P, I967. 38 SHORT STORIES: AN INTRODUCTORY ANTHOLOGY. Ed by Michael Timko and Clinton F. Oliver. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, I968. $4.75. Thomson, George H. THE FICTION OF E. M. FÖRSTER. Detroit: Wayne State U P, I967. $9.95. Turgenev, Ivan. FIRST LOVE AND OTHER TALES. NY: W. W. Norton, 1968. The Norton Library, N 444. $1.85. THE YEAR'S WORK IN ENGLISH STUDIES. Ed by T. S. Dorsch and C. G. Harlow. NY: Humanities P, I968. $7.50. DR. JOHN D. GORDAN November 11, I907 - March 10, I968 Author of...


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