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86 REVIEW The H. G. Wells Society (comp). H. G. Wells: A Comprehensive Bibliography. With a foreword by Klngsley Martin. Second Edition (revised). Lond: H. G. Wells Society, I968 [1st ed I966]. The two major additions to the revised edition of this H. G. Wells bibliography are (1) an Appendix listing seventy-one short stories by Wells, Including their first periodical publication, and (2) an Appendix listing films, stage productions, etc. Of the 71 stories, 63 were collected In the volume first published by Ernest Benn Ltd In September, 1927; eight were not collected In the Benn edition of 1927. Nothing Is added to the 156 Items In the main primary bibliography, but fifteen Items have been added to the Appendix of "Miscellaneous writings by and about H. G. Wells." The last section, as the headnote states, will be supplemented from time to time In future editions as research turns up additional articles Wells wrote for the press. This bibliography is useful, but I must question the piecemeal way In which It Is being complied. The H. G. Wells Society would, I think, have done Wells and students of Wells a far greater service had they not rushed Into print with two piecemeal editions In two years but. Instead, taken the time and care to compile as nearly definitive a modern bibliography as possible. One wonders how many revised editions will have to appear before we can have the kind of comprehensive bibliography Wells deserves. Perhaps someone making use of the H. G. Wells Archive at the University of Illinois will yet produce the definitive bibliography that was supposed to be In progress a few years ago. In the slim volume the H. G. Wells Society has produced, there are some useful annotations for Items In the main bibliography but, again, even these annotations seem rather hit-and-miss. Little purpose, for example. Is served by such statements as "A member of remarkable essays on various subjects are included in this collection . . ." (Item 15*0: or "A controversial work on topical themes" (Item I36). Despite these reservations, one must recognize that even such an Interim checklist as the H. G. Wells Society's production will be useful to students of Wells. Purdue University H. E. Gerber NOVEL: A FORUM ON FICTION The Spring I968 number will Include the following articles: R. EVANS St M. STEIG/fcardy Festival IAK WATT/Rlse of the Novel RICHARD FOSTER/Maller St Fitzgerald J. P. STEHN/Stlfter»· Fiction FRANK KERMODE/Novel, History, Type JOHN KILLHAM/Booth Revisited Since our prices must rise on June 1 to $4.50/year; 17.50/2 years; $10/3 years, we urge old and new readers to SUBSCRIBE NOW AT OUR ORIGINAL LOW RATES; 13.50/year; $6.00/2 years. Send subscriptions to: NOVEL, Box 1984, Brown University, Providence, R. I. 029x2. IIso availableι SPECIAL REPRINT EDITION of Issue 1 at $3.00/copy for libraries and late subscribers. ...


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