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241 BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. Ellis, Amanda M. REBELS AND CONSERVATIVES« DOROTHY AND WILLIAM WORDSWORTH AND THEIR CIRCLE. Bloomlngtons Indiana U P, 1967. $10.00. GENRE« AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LITERATURE AND OTHER ARTS. Ed by August F. Coppola. Long Beach« Comparative Literature Program, I967. Subscription« $1.50. Pub twice yearly. Gordan, Ian A. THE MOVEMENT OF ENGLISH PROSE. Bloomington« Indiana U P, I967. $5.75. Hamilton, Edith. THE EVER PRESENT PAST. NY« W. W. Norton, I967. The Norton Library, N425. $1.75. Hlllegas, Mark. THE FUTURE AS NIGHTMARE« H. G. WELLS AND THE ANTI-UTOPIANS. Lond« Oxford U P, I967. $5.75. Jackson, Holbrook. THE EIGHTEEN .NINETIES. With an Introduction by Karl Beokson. NYs G. P. Putnam's Sons, I966. Capricorn Books, CAP 137. $1.95· JOURNAL OF POPULAR CULTURE. Ed by Ray B. Browne. Bowling Greens Bowling Green U P, I967. $1.50. Subscription $4.00. Pub quarterly. Kelvin, Norman. E, M. FORSTER. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1967. A Crosscurrents Book. $4.95. MINOR CLASSICS OF NINETEENTH-CENTURY FICTION« VOLUME I, Ed by William E. Buckler. Bost« Houghton Mifflin, I967. A Riverside Edition, B107. $2.25. MINOR CLASSICS OF NINETEENTH-CENTURY FICTION« VOLUME II. Ed by William E. Buckler. Bost« Houghton Mifflin, I967. A Riverside Edition, B108. $2.25. DER MODERNE ENGLISCHE LYRIK« INTERPRETATIONEN. Ed by Horst Oppel. Berlins Erich Schmidt Verlag, 196?. NINETEENTH-CENTURY BRITISH DHAKA. Ed by Leonard Ashley. Glenviews Soott-Foresman, I967. NOVELs A FORUM ON FICTION. Ed by Edward Bloom. Providences Brown U P, $2.25. Subscriptions $3.50. Pub thrice/year. RELATIONS OF LITERARY STUDYs ESSAYS ON INTERDISCIPLINARY CONTRIBUTIONS . Ed by James Thrope. NYs Modern Language Association, I967. Stevenson, Lionel. THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH NOVELs VOLUME II. NYs Barnes and Noble, I967. $7.50. ...


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