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180 A History of English Prosody from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day. 2 νοΊΊΓ. Õ 90Õ Õ T The Late~N"lneteenth Century; Edinburgh, 1907. Periods of European Literature, Vol 12. A Historical Manual of English Prosody. I9IO. A History of English Prose Rhythm. 1912. The English Novel. 1913. »Miscellaneous Essays. I892. »Corrected Impressions. I895. â Last Vintage : Essays and Papers. Ed by John W. Oliver, Arthur Melville Clark, and Augustus Muir. Lond: Menthuen, 1950. Conference 54 H. E. Gerber 29 December I967 Discussion Leader REVIEW IM SUPPORT OF KIPLING'S GREATNESS The Readers' Guide to Rudyard Kipling's Work. Edited and Collected by R. E. Harbord. Frlnted privately In a Limited Edition of 100 Copies. Seotlôn IV - Pages 1645 to 2150 inclusive. Printed by Messrs. Glbbs and Sons of Canterbury, Kent, England. I965/6. Mr. Harbord, the President of the Kipling Society, and his collaborators have produced another excellent section in this remarkable series. The present volume, besides "Additions to earlier Sections" and "Addendum to 'Captains Courageous,"1 contains copious notes on Just So Stories (I902), Traffics and Discoveries (1904) with three extra "Pyecroft" stories, Pyecroft stories with three special Royal Navy Appendices, and uncollected stories - Nos. 87 to 154 (1887-1888). This volume, like those before It, is an outstanding performance of collaborative scholarship and a rare product of dedication. This series provides us with more knowledge about all aspects of Kipling's work than any single book or article out of the 3,000 or more titles that have appeared. Nor Is the information limited to bibliographical data. These volumes throw light on Kipling's life, they provide new insights into Kipling's meaning, and, perhaps most Important, they help us to understand better the creative process which converted a most remarkable aggregation of diverse details drawn from reading and experience into carefully structured, richly suggestive works of art. The appearance of each additional volume of the Guide adds more proof to the fact that Kipling Is, Indeed, one of the "Eight Modern Writers." Purdue University H. E. Gerber ...


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