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178 The management has commissioned no actors to speak for the characters in this still unwritten play. The speakers and creators of the dialogue will hopefully emerge from the audience. The management commends to this audience the study of the historical evidence the characters have left of their reality. For this owlish purpose we append an owlish bibliography. This concludes the prologue, with thanks for your Indulgence. We pray you to speak the parts as you will. ELT CONFERENCE CHECKLIST The following Is a selected checklist of writings by the seven critics we have chosen for discussion at our meeting. We hope our readers and especially those who plan to attend the conference will take time to read some of these volumes prior to our meeting. This list contains only collected essays. Starred Items are especially recommended. Oscar Wilde The Works of Oscar Wilde. 13 vols. I9O8. The Works of Oscar Wilde. 12 vols. 1909. The Works of Oscar Wilde. Ed with Intro by G. F. Maine. NY: Dutton,-I954. A useful one-volume edition which contains Intentlons ("The Decay of Lying," "Pen, Pencil and Poison," "The Critic as Artist," and "The Truth of Masks"), "The Rise of Historical Criticism," "The Portrait of Mr. W. H.," and other material related to Wilde's critical theory and practice. »Intentions. I89I. The four essays usually Included under this title. Essential. Oscar Wilde: Art and Morality. Ed by Stuart Mason (C. S. Millard). T$ÓE~. Includes Wilde's replies to attacks on Dorian Gray, which also contains much of Wilde's esthetic. Lionel Johnson »The Art of Thomas Hardy. 1894; I923 (with additional chapter on the poetry, by J. E. Burton). »Post Llmlnlum. Essays and Critical Papers. Ed by T. Whlttemore. Γ91Γ: Reviews and Critical Papers. Ed by R. Shafer. 1921. Arthur Symons The Collected Works of Arthur Symons. 9 vols. 1924. »Studies In Two Literatures. 1897. In Works. VIII. »The Symbolist Movement In Literature. I899. Available In paperback (DuttonTT »Plays. Acting, and Music; A Book of Theory. 1903; NY, I909 (revd). Studies In Prose and Verse. 1904. Partly reprinted from Studies In Two Literatures. StudTes In Seven Arts. I906. In Works, IX. 179 Studies in Elizabethan Drama. 1930. Reprinted with additions from Stud les in Two Literatures. Dramatis Personae. Indianapolis, 1923; I925 (corrected). »Studies in Strange Souls. I929. George Moore The Works of Ge_or_g_e Moore. Uniform Edition. 1932. TJle wJP.r.ks. of George Moore. Ebury Edition. 1937. Confessions of a Young Man. 1888; 1904 (ed. and annotated by Gf"); I9I7 (ed. and annotated by Gh); Ι926 (revised by GH). »Impressions and Opinions. I89I. »Avowals. I9I9. Pure Poetry: An Anthology. 1924. Preface. "Vernon Lee" (Violet Paget) Belcaro: Being Essays on Sundry Aesthetlcal Questions. I883. Juvenilia: Being 'a Second Series of Essays on Sundry Aesthetlcal Questions. 2 vols^ ÎÕ Õ 87. »The Beautiful: An Introduction to Psychological Aesthetics. I9I3. »The Handling of Words, and Other Studies in Literary Psychology. I923. An especially important volume. HusIc and Its Lovers. An Empirical Study of Emotions and Imaginative Responses to Music. Ed by I. C. Willis. 1932. Beauty and Ugliness, and Other Essays in Fsycholoeleal Aesthetics. With C. Anstruther Thompson. 1912. Edmund Gosse Collected Essays of Edmund Gosse. 12 vols. 1912-27. Selected Essays of Edmund Gosse. 2 vols. I928. »"The Science of Criticism," New Review, IV (Kay I89I), 409. "Criticism," Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th Edition. »Critical Klt-Kats. 1896. A Short History of I-.odern English Literature. 1897; 1924 (with two additional chaptersTT Portraits and Sketches. 1912. The Life of Algernon Charles Swinburne. 1917. The First Draft of Swinburne's "Anactorla." Cambridge: prlv ptd, I9I9. An essay. Books on the Table. NY, 1921; More Books on the Table. 1923. Reprinted from Sunday Times. »Aspects and Impressions. NY, 1922. »Swinburne: An Essay Written In 18?5 and First Printed I925. »Silhouettes. 1925. Reprinted from Sunday Times. George Salntsbury The Collected Essays and Papers. 1875-1920. 4 vols. 1923-24. »The History of Criticism and Literary Taste In Europe. J vols. Edinburgh, 1900-4. ~HIstory of English Criticism: Being the English Chapters of A History of Criticism and Literary Taste In Europe. Edinburgh, I9II (revd, adapted, and supplemented). 180 A History of English Prosody from the Twelfth Century to the...


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