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96 14 T. S. Eliot, The Complete Poems and Plays, I909-I950 (NY: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1952), p. 4Õ Õ 7" 15 Eliot, p. 5. 16 H. G. Wells, Kipps (NY: Scrlbner's, 1905), p. 26. REVIEW Stephen H. Goode (comp). Index to Commonwealth Little Magazines, I964-I965. NY and Lond: Johnson Reprint Corporation, I966. 185pp. Cloth. Biennial. $7.50. Prize-winning indexer Goode in this volume turns his talents to an "author-subject index of a selected list of English-language little magazines published in Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries" in 1964 and I965. The current index seems disproportionately representative of magazines published in England, Ireland, and Scotland--as distinguished from those published in the Commonwealth countries at large. Of the thirty-four little magazines that are listed, five are African, four Australian, and one New Zealand. Canada and the British West Indies are entirely unrepresented. Goode has deliberately omitted those magazines he considers to be adequately indexed already, and many of the British periodicals he has listed--such as Journal of Commonwealth Literature (University of Leeds)—are largely restricted to the original publication or translation of Commonwealth authors, or to criticism and discussion of Commonwealth topics. The reader will also find citations In the text to at least four additional magazines (Encore. Irish Book. Quadrant, and The Review) which are not listed. Of the greatest use Is the author entry where the author's works, as well as translations and reviews of his works, are collected under one entry. The translator and reviewer are fully Identified. Reviews are never entered under the reviewer's name although translations will be found under the translator's name as an author entry. In all cases, the entry will fully Identify the Journal In which the author's work, the review, or the translation was published ; Goode's Index offers a welcome surcease from SEE entries that direct the user to another page for full Information. The usual subject headings are supplemented by helpful less-usual ones such as POETRY — CONCRETE and THE 'THIRTIES. Large subject headings such as DRAMA and POETRY are plentifully subdivided. The user will find that POETRY — AFRICAN as well as AFRICA — POETRY by no means duplicate one another but, rather, permit differing approaches to the subject--If not to somewhat differing subjects. The compiler's Intention to carry his coverage back to I900 In subsequent volumes will make this series the standard work In its area and an Indispensable tool for all collections of Commonwealth literature. University of Texas Library Charles L. Dwyer ...


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