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carla billitteri Stories, Not History: Laura Riding’s Progress of Truth 1/85 elizabeth binggeli Worse than Bad: Sanctuary, the Hays Office and the Genre of Abjection 3/87 mark cantrell Reconstructing Austin: Joan Retallack’s How To Do Things With Words 1/137 eric cheyfitz Balancing the Earth: Native American Philosophies and the Environmental Crisis 3/139 sasha colby “Man came here by an intolerable way”: Charles Olson’s Archaeology of Resistance 4/93 john conley The Poverty of Bret Easton Ellis 3/117 tova cooper On Autobiography, Boy Scouts and Citizenship: Revisiting Charles Eastman’s Deep Woods 4/1 rynetta davis Performing Beauty: Allegories of Social Passing in Eliza Potter’s A Hairdresser’s Experience in High Life 1/33 contents, volume 65, 2009 tom fisher A Political Poetics: George Oppen and the Essential Life of the Poem 2/83 hikaru fujii A Man with a Green Memory: War, Cinema, and Freedom in Stephen Wright’s Meditations in Green 2/117 shari goldberg Benito Cereno’s Mute Testimony: On the Politics of Reading Melville’s Silences 2/1 geoff hamilton Between Mailer and DeLillo: The “affectless person” in Robert Stone’s A Hall of Mirrors 2/99 robert henn Trilling’s University and the Creation of Postmodernism 1/55 scott hicks Rethinking King Cotton: George W. Lee, Zora Neale Hurston, and Global/Local Revisions of the South and the Nation 4/63 benjamin kahan The Other Harlem Renaissance: Father Divine, Celibate Economics, and the Making of Black Sexuality 4/37 brian locke White and “Black” versus Yellow: Metaphor and Blade Runner’s Racial Politics 4/113 jane malcolm “That breeding silence she”: Laura Riding’s Gendered Ethics and the Limits of the Word ‘Woman’ 3/61 166 Contents, Volume 65, 2009 matt miller Makings of Americans: Whitman and Stein’s Poetics of Inclusion 3/39 mark rifkin “For the wrongs of our poor bleeding country”: Sensation, Class, and Empire in Ridge’s Joaquín Murieta 2/27 forrest g. robinson Deliver Us From Evil: Clemens, Grass, and the Past that Refuses to Become History 3/1 sarah eden schiff Recovering (from) the Double: Fiction as Historical Revision in Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred 1/107 matthew stratton Nietzsche in Greenwich Village: Visions of Politics, Aesthetics and Irony in the 1910s 2/57 gale temple Carwin the Onanist? 1/1 david wyatt September 11 and Postmodern Memory 4/139 Contents, Volume 65, 2009 167 ...


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