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Announcements Jemes Society Meetings: 1984 Jemes Society President Williem T. Stefford hes announced thet he will mod- érete two penéis on "Feminist Attitudes Towerd Henry Jemes" et the 1984 meeting of the Society during the MLA convention in Weshington, D. C. The first penel will feeture two pepers, Alfred Hebegger's "Henry Sr.'s Quarrel with the Woman's Movement, and Henry Jr.'s Vindication of his Father in The Bostoniens" end Rhode B. Nethen's "Jemes's Invisible Queen: Ruskin Revisited." Eech peper will heve e respondent , Beverly Hevilend for Professor Hebegger's peper end Deboreh Ayer Sitter for Professor Nethen's. A brief business meeting will follow the first penel. The second will elso feeture two pepers, Peggy McCormeck's "Reificetion end Repression: Sexuel Economics in James's Fiction" and Adeline R. Tintner's "Fiction is the Best Revenge: Feminist Portraits of Henry Jemes by Vernon Lee, Mrs. Humphrey Werd, end Edith Wherton." Robert White will be the respondent for Professor McCormeck's peper end Lynn Werdley for Ms. Tintner's. Questions will be invited from the eudience es time permits. Both the peneis end the business meeting will teke piece in the course of two beck-to-beck sessions of the MLA convention . The Society will elso sponsor β cash bar from 5:00-7:00 p.m. (or thereabouts) on the evening of the seme dey thet the two peneis ere scheduled. The MLA program plenners heve essured us thet we will not be scheduled et the very end of the convention for e third streight yeer. Jemes Society Elections Professor Robert GeIe has been elected Secretary/Treesurer of the Society . He will succeed Marthe Bente es Vice President in 1985 end es President in 1986. Professor Deniel J. Schneider hes been elected to e réguler three-yeer term on the Boerd of Directors of the Society. Cell for Pepers Professors Amritjit Singh end Ayyeppe Peniker ere plenning e festschrift for Dershen Singh Meini. The volume will focus on fiction end fictionel theory in the ege of Henry Jemes. Esseys on Jemes or eny of his contemporaries and about the influences on and of Jemes (e.g., Hewthorne end Jemes, Emerson end Jemes, or Jemes in reletion to W. D. Howells, Edith Wharton, Willa Cether, Louis Auchincloss, Williem Feulkner, Jemes Beldwin, etc.) ere invited . Esseys of two to four thousand words should be sent by August 20 to Professor Amritjit Singh, University of Rejesthan, Jaipur 302 004, India. Jemes Publicetions Volume 13 (fall, 1983) of Modern Languege Studies is e speciel issue devoted to Henry Jemes. The issue, co-edited by Professors George Monteiro end Devid H. Hirsch, conteins esseys by Dorothée Krook, Cerol Holly, Robert K. Mertin, Alice Hell Petry, Gererd M. Sweeney, Brende Murphy, K. P. S. Jochum, Adeline R. Tintner, Bernerd Richerds, end Eileen Wetts, es well es by the two editors. Copies of the speciel issue ere eveileble et $9.95 from Professor E. Allen McCormick, NEMLA Executive Secretery, Ph.D. Program in German, CUNY Graduete School, New York, NY 10036. Sergio Perose's letest book, Americen Theories of the Novel: 1793-1903 (New York Univ. Press, 1983), includes β chapter on James and en eppendix deeling with Jemes's views outside the time limits imposed. Volume V 155 Number 2 ...


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