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October 30, 2009 Time: 03:37pm afr120.tex AFRICA Journal of the International African Institute Revue de l’Institut Africain International Volume 79, 2009 Editor Karin Barber Reviews Editor Francesca Locatelli I · A · I October 30, 2009 Time: 03:37pm afr120.tex CONTENTS Introduction: knowledge in practice KAI KRESSE AND TREVOR H. J. MARCHAND 1 The transmission of knowledge in South African traditional healing ROBERT THORNTON 17 Elders and ‘frauds’: commodified expertise and politicized authenticity among Mijikenda JANET MCINTOSH 35 Specialist knowledge practices of craftsmen and clerics in Senegal ROY DILLEY 53 Negotiating licence and limits: expertise and innovation in Djenné’s building trade TREVOR H. J. MARCHAND 71 Beyond expertise: reflections on specialist agency and the autonomy of the divinatory ritual process KNUT GRAW 92 Framing divination: a Mande divination expert and the occult economy JAN JANSEN 110 Marabout women in Dakar: creating authority in Islamic knowledge AMBER B. GEMMEKE 128 Knowledge and intellectual practice in a Swahili context: ‘wisdom’ and the social dimensions of knowledge KAI KRESSE 148 The blacksmiths of Tamale: the dynamics of space and time in a Ghanaian industry WYATT MACGAFFEY 169 The Re(public) of Salsa: Afro-Cuban music in fin-de-siècle Dakar RICHARD M. SHAIN 186 Fast food in Ibadan: an emerging consumption pattern A. O. OLUTAYO AND O. AKANLE 207 Burial sites, informal rights and lost kingdoms: contesting land claims in Mpumalanga, South Africa DEBORAH JAMES 228 October 30, 2009 Time: 03:37pm afr120.tex Mimesis and mimicry in dynamics of state and identity formation in northern Somalia MARKUS V. HOEHNE 252 Pain with punishment and the negotiation of childhood: an ethnographic analysis of children’s rights processes in Maasailand CAROLINE ARCHAMBAULT 282 Human rights and NGO ‘wrongs’: conflict diamonds, culture wars and the ‘Bushman question’ JACQUELINE SOLWAY 321 ‘Sleep occupies no space’: the use of public space by street gangs in Kinshasa KRISTIEN GEENEN 347 Anticipating the tsunami: rumours, planning and the arbitrary state in Zimbabwe JOOST FONTEIN 369 The occult does not exist: a response to Terence Ranger GERRIE TER HAAR AND STEPHEN ELLIS 399 Response to ter Haar and Ellis BIRGIT MEYER 413 Islamic reform and historical change in the care of the dead: conflicts over funerary practice among Tanzanian Muslims FELICITAS BECKER 416 Traditional medicine, biomedicine and Christianity in modern Zambia KAORI SUGISHITA 435 ‘It brought some kind of neatness to mankind’: mass literacy, community development and democracy in 1950s Asante KATE SKINNER 479 Sex, sexuality and negotiating Africanness in Nairobi RACHEL SPRONK 500 The conservative aspects of a centripetal diaspora: the case of the Cape Verdean tabancas WILSON TRAJANO FILHO 520 The power of ambiguity: the nature and efficacy of the Zamble masks revealed by ‘disease masks’ among the Gouro people (Côte d’Ivoire) CLAUDIE HAXAIRE 543 October 30, 2009 Time: 03:37pm afr120.tex Biafran pound notes OLLY OWEN 570 The impact of rural political economy on gender relations in Islamizing Hausaland, Nigeria PAUL CLOUGH 595 Review articles ‘Interroger les morts pour critiquer les vivants, ou éxotisme morbide?’ encounters with African funerary practices in francophone anthropology MARK LAMONT 455 Review of Books 303, 463, 614 Index to Volume 79 633 ...


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