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193 TDR Volume 53 Index T201: vol. 53, no. 1 (Spring 2009) T202: vol. 53, no. 2 (Summer 2009) T203: vol. 53, no. 3 (Fall 2009) T204: vol. 53, no. 4 (Winter 2009) By Author Ahmed, Syed Jamil, “Performing and Supplicating Mānik Pı̄r: Infrapolitics in the Domain of Popular Islam” 2:51–76 Attisani, Antonio, Lisa Wolford Wylan, and Kris Salata, “Response to Kermit Dunkelberg and Leszek Kolankiewicz” (Letters, Etc.) 2:14–15 Auslander, Philip, and Richard Schechner, “Philip Auslander Responds to ‘Concerning Theory for Performance Studies’” (TDR Comment) 3:7–9 BADco., “The League of Time” (Provocation) 4:2–3 Barton, Bruce, “The Theatricality of Robert Lepage by Aleksandar Saša Dundjerović” (Book Review) 4:189–91 Barton, Bruce, and Pil Hansen, “Research-Based Practice: Situating Vertical City between Artistic Development and Applied Cognitive Science” (Cognitive Neuroscience and Performance Section) 4:120–36 Baumrin, Seth, “Ketmanship in Opole: Jerzy Grotowski and the Price of Artistic Freedom” 4:49–77 Beal, Timothy K., William E. Deal, and Richard Schechner, “Concerning Theory for Performance Studies. William E. Deal and Timothy K. Beal Answer Richard Schechner’s Questions” (TDR Comment) 1:14–16 Bennacer, Dominika, “Not Your Father’s Poor Theatre” (Critical Act) 2:145–50 Bentin, Sebastián Calderón, “Isthmian Performances: Panama’s Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas” (Critical Act) 3:156–61 Berson, Jessica, “Rudolf Laban: The Dancer of the Crystal by Evelyn Doerr” (Book Review) 1:159–60 Blair, Rhonda, “Cognitive Neuroscience and Acting: Imagination, Conceptual Blending, and Empathy” (Cognitive Science and Performance Section) 4:93–103 Brady, Sara, “‘It Don’t Gitmo Better’: Scenes from the Coney Island Waterboarding Thrill Ride” (Critical Act) 2:139–45 Breur, Lee, “Porco Morto” (Piece) 4:150–62 Butler, Judith, “Concerning Theory for Performance Studies. If the Commodity Could Speak . . .” (TDR Comment) 1:22–23 Callens, Johan, “The Wooster Group Workbook by Andrew Quick” (Book Review) 1:154–55 Index 194 Index Campbell, Barbara, “The Movement of Ghosts: 1001 nights cast” (Provocation) 1:2–3 Campbell, Charles, “Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia entries for ‘Theatre,’ ‘Performance,’ and ‘Performance Studies’” (Book Review) 4:185–87 Cappelli, M.G. Renu, “How to See a Work of Art in Total Darkness by Darby English” (Book Review) 1:157–58 Carlson, Marvin, “The Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama edited by Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn” (Book Review) 4:183–85 Carlson, Marvin, “Concerning Theory for Performance Studies. Everyone Suffers” (TDR Comment) 1:24–25 Chamberlain, Franc, and Richard Schechner, “Tainted by Association” (Letters, Etc.) 4:12–14 Chansky, Dorothy, “Autobiography and Performance: Performing Selves by Deirdre Heddon” (Book Review) 4:187–89 Cheng, Meiling, “De/visualizing Calligraphic Archaeology: Qiu Zhijie’s Total Art” 2:17–34 Cho, Nancy, “Contemporary African American Women Playwrights: A Casebook edited by Philip C. Kolin” (Book Review) 3:178–79 Colman, Xan, and Tamara Searle, “Performing Resistance in Burma” (Critical Act) 1:141–46 Cook, Amy, “Wrinkles, Wormholes, and Hamlet: The Wooster Group’s Hamlet as a Challenge to Periodicity” (Cognitive Science and Performance Section) 4:104–19 Dartnell, Guy, “Let Me Take the Next Step: Go No Further Than Me” (Provocation) 2:2–3 Davis, C.B., “The Origins of Theater in Ancient Greece and Beyond: From Ritual to Drama edited by Eric Csapo and Margaret C. Miller” (Book Review) 2:166–68 Davis, Tracy C., “Concerning Theory for Performance Studies. Who Missed the Plagiarism Lecture?” (TDR Comment) 1:25–26 Deal, William E., Timothy K. Beal, and Richard Schechner, “Concerning Theory for Performance Studies. William E. Deal and Timothy K. Beal Answer Richard Schechner’s Questions” (TDR Comment) 1:14–16 Dennen, James, “On Reception of Improvised Music” (Student Essay Contest Honorable Mention) 4:137–49 Diamond, Catherine, “A Delicate Balance: Negotiating Isolation and Globalization in the Burmese Performing Arts” 1:93–128 Dolan, Jill, “Concerning Theory for Performance Studies. Mentoring Junior Colleagues through the Publishing Thicket” (TDR Comment) 1:37–39 Dunkelberg, Kermit, and Leszek Kolankiewicz, “Re-Reading ‘Re-Reading Grotowski’” (Letters, Etc.) 2:12–14 Elswit, Kate, “‘Berlin...Your Dance Partner Is Death’” 1:73–92 Espi-Sanchis, Sarah, Phillip Dominik Keidl, and Theresa Smalec, “Crossing Paths: SIGNA’s The 11th Knife at...


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