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  • The League of Time
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26) In these times I took a theatrical journey through parables of the futures excavated and recapitulated from the past. I set out into an archaeology of visionary scenarios and utopias of futures that never came to pass, a series of self-contained episodes coalescing into a larger allegory of the present moment of crisis.

48) In these times the storm of historical events swept away the grand social narratives and with them the wild unactualized visionary aspirations for the radical transformation of everyday life. To bring them back, reenact to full actualization—now that's a futurism. The futurism is the transformable life reclaimed from the past.

1) In these times we—Woman Machine, Pilot, UFOnaut, and Cosmonaut—took a stroll over the remains of the bridges yet to be built, excavating remnants of future times and letting our imaginations run wild. We, the utopian geologists, marking layers yet to settle, drilling into the year 2125.

49) In these times we waged a battle of five days till victory. The final battle between bourgeois America and soviet Euroasia that Vladimir Mayakovsky foresaw 200 years into the future. Let us follow the line of reconstruction of the future. League of Time, to the time zones!

4) In these times Konstantin Melnikov proposed his plan for the Green City. In the wake of food rationing and the extension of working hours, Soviet authorities announced a competition to design a leisure complex in the suburbs of Moscow where the tired workforce of the first five-year-plan could recuperate. At the heart of Konstantin Melnikov's poposal was an asylum for sleeping—the Sonata of Sleep (Sonnaya Sonata).

19) In these times the New Man was envisioned in the theories of Russian biocosmists. Their demands were threefold: immortality, freedom of space travel, resurrection. The resurrected would populate new planets. In the year 2125: unmanned aircraft, remote-controlled airplanes, amphibian planes, a flying nation, death rays.

6) In these times the Sonata of Sleep would transform the weary worker into a New Man. Sleep was to be transformed into an active, induced process for the transformation of man through sleep, a process that would accomplish miracles in changing the form of man, as Sonata of Sleep's control mechanism of air ionization and ozonization tirelessly worked. A true cornerstone for the Institute for Changing the Form of Men.

3) In these times I attempted to reconstruct history from the archaeological ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge. In the stride of this steel-wrought mile my visions became real. In the balance of the rivets and steel, the end of the world came to me. The debris of this bridge, from which the future geologist will remodel these days of ours.

24) In these times they fought for more time.

27) In these times came a time of completion, the symbolic catastrophe of capitalism's demise and socialism's afterlife.

14) In these times the Brooklyn Bridge was the connection between the USA and the USSR.

20) In these times the capitalist superhero vs the communist New Man. Protecting the present vs conquering the future. Paper plane air battles waged in a future theatre of operations across the Atlantic Ocean. Victory ours.

9) In these times we grew beards and wore glasses to see what others could not see—the collapsing dimensions of space, the plates thrown that never fell, UFOs and crackling thunder. Future generations wear grimaces expressing amusement at our providence. [End Page 2]

11) In these times a monkey appeared in America and then disappeared.

13) In these times Karl Rossmann arrived in Amerika and disappeared.

17) In these times the Factory of the Eccentric Actor published a manifesto extolling chance as opposed to fact, extolling Americanism as opposed to the sour art of Europe's East, extolling excentrism as a glimpse into the mechanized future we face. The Americanization of theatre in Russian means ECC entr ISM.

54) In these times a tiny airplane appeared, sky-writing the call for air-mobilization. On the East Coast—the enemy has extinguished its most distant lighthouses. No sleep or slumber now—night turned into day by a...


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