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Announcements The Journal has received the foUowing announcements and calls for papers. Requests for indusion in future issues should be limited to 100 words and sent to: Managing Editor, Journal of Women's History, c/o Department of History, Ballantine HaU 742, Indiana University, Bloomington , IN 47405. Such announcements wül appear in only two issues. The 10th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, "CompUcating Catagories: Women, Gender, and Difference," wül be held on June 7-9 at the University of North Carotina in Chapel Hill, North Carotina, USA. Submit proposals in triplicate, postmarked by February 1,1995. Send proposals on U.S. and Canadian topics to: Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Afro-American Studies Department, Harvard University, 1430 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge , MA 02138; on other than North American topics to: Merry WiesnerHanks , Center for Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin-MUwaukee, P.O. Box 413, MUwaukee, WI53201; comparative U.S./non-U.S. topics may be sent to either Program Committe Co-Chair. The Oral History Association announces the inaugeration of an awards program to recognize outstanding work in oral history in several catagories . In 1995 and subsequent odd-numbered years, three awards will be made: for a book that draws upon oral history in a significant way or significantly advances understanding of important theoretical issues in oral history; for a nonprint format production, including film, video, radio program or series, exhibition, or drama, that makes significant use of oral history to interpret a historical subject; and to a precollegiate teacher who has made exemplary use of oral history in the classroom. In 1996 and subsequent even-numbered years, awards will be made for a published article or essay that either uses oral history to advance an important historical interpretation or addresses significant theoretical or methodological issues; for a completed oral history project that has significant scholarly value and exemplifies sound oral history methodology; and to a college or university professor who has made outstanding use of oral history in the classroom. Awards are honorific and will be announced at the Association's annual metting, in 1995 in Milwaukee, October 19-22; in 1996 in Philadelphia, October 10-13. The association welcomes entries and nominations from academic scholars, public history institutions and practitioners, independent professionals, and community-based groups and individuals. For guidelines and submission information, write Jan Dodson Barnhart, Executive Secretary, Oral History Assodation, Box 284 Journal of Women's History Winter/Spring 3968, Albuquerque, NM 87190-3968. Deadline for submissions for the three 1995 awards is April 1,1995. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission invites application for its 1995-1996 scholars-in-residence program. This program provides support for fulltime research and study at any of the facilities maintained by the Commission for a period of four to twelve consecutive weeks between May 1,1995, and April 30,1996, at the rate of $1200 per month. The program is open to college and university affiliated scholars, including graduate students, independent researchers, pubUc sedor professionals in history-related disriplines, writers, and others. The application deadline is January 20,1995. The scholars-in-residence program aims to promote the interpretation of Pennsylvania history, to encourage research drawing upon the Commissions archival and and artifacrual resources, and to develop collégial relationships between scholars and Commission staff. Applicants are encouraged to conceive of research topics as broadly as possible, and it is not required that research be limited to materials in PHMC archival or museum collections. Particular consideration will be given to proposals that address topics relevant to interpretive themes addressed by the Commission's programs, including but not limited to Pennsylvania's tradition of religious and political toleration, colonial life, rural and agricultural life, military history, the development of ethnic communities and ethnic realtions within the state, the history of communal societies, architectural history, and the history of public policy. Proposals that address the agency's current programmatic initiatives in African-American history and industrial history are especially encouraged , as are proposals for material culture based studies. Projects that are likely to result in widespread dissemination of research through publications , exhibitions, films, and other means will also be given particular consideration. For further information and application materials, contact...


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