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BlBUOGRAPHY The following fist of articles published in English during the past decade is presented to assist readers in keeping up with the latest scholarship and to f acilitate an assessment of those areas in which more research needs to be done. In particular, readers may notice fewer historical studies appearing in multi-disciplinary feminist journals in recent years. Because of the volume of studies published on women, this hst is limited to discussions of African-American Women and Native American Women. Future issues will provide bibliographies in other areas of women's history, including Art. The JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S HISTORY would like to remind its readers of the recent publication of the JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S HISTORY Guide to Periodical Literature (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1992; 512 pp; cloth 0-252-32219-7, $39.95; paper 0-253-20720-7, $18.95). The Guide is a comprehensive collection listing more than 5,500 articles in women's history pubhshed in the decade from 1980 to 1990 in over 700 periodicals. This volume includes forty subject categories, divided into numerous subcategories and extensively cross hsted. The Guide provides updated versions of the selected article categories which appeared in the first two volumes of the JOURNAL, as well as many others never before published. As a further service to our readers, the JOURNAL will continue to publish thematic bibliographies of articles in each future issue. These will be continuously updated to include all current periodical hterature on women's history pubhshed in English since 1990 and so will serve to supplement our recently pubhshed Guide. These ongoing bibliographies, along with our abstracts of all historical works pubhshed in English and reviews of all major foreign language books about women's history, are part of the goal of Üie JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S HISTORY to serve as the journal of record for women's history in the United States and abroad. AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN General Bennett, Neil G., David E. Bloom, and Patricia H. Craig. "The Divergence of Black and White Marriage Patterns." American Journal of Sociology 95 (November 1989): 692-722. © 1993 Journal of Women's History, Vol. 4 No. 3 (Winter) 1993 Bibliography 219 Brown, Elsa Barkley. "Mothers of Mind." Sage 6 (Summer 1989): 4-11. Collier-Thomas, Bettye. "The Impact of Black Women in Education: An Historical Overview." Journal of Negro Education 51 (Summer 1982): 173-180. Doriani, Beth Maclay. "Black Womanhood in Nineteenth-Century America : Subversion and Self-Construction in Two Women's Autobiographies ." American Quarterly 43 (June 1991): 199-222. Frankel, Noralee. "The Southern Side of 'Glory7: Mississippi AfricanAmerican Women During the Civil War." Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military 8 (Fall 1990): 28-37. Gaston, Paul M. "Irony in Utopia: The Discovery of Nancy Lewis." Virgina Quarterly Review 60 (Summer 1984): 473-487. Goldsmith, Peter. "A Woman's Place Is in the Church: Black Pentecostahsm on the Georgia Coast." Journal of Religious Thought 46 (Winter/Spring 1989/1990): 53-69. Goldstein, Paul. "Julia Peterkin's Scarlet Sister Mary: A Forgotten Novel of Female Primitivism." Southern Studies 22 (Summer 1983): 138-145. Guy-Sheftall, Beverly. "Black Women and Higher Education: Spelman and Bennett Colleges Revisited." Journal of Negro Education 51 (Summer 1982): 278-287. Hanchett, Catherine M. " What Sort of People and Famihes . . .' The Edmondson Sisters." Afro-Americans in New York Life and History 6 (July 1982): 21-38. Harpole, Patricia C, ed. "The Black Community in Territorial St. Anthony: A Memoir by Emily O. Goodridge Grey." Minnesota History 49 (Summer 1984): 42-53. Hewitt, John H. 'The Search for Elizabeth Jennings, Heroine of a Sunday Afternoon in New York City." New York History 62 (October 1990): 387-415. Hill-Lubin, Mildred A. "The African-American Grandmother in Autobiographical Works by Frederick Douglass, Langston Hughes, and Maya Angelou." International Journal of Aging and Human Development 33 (1991): 173-185. Hine, Darlene Clark. "Opportunity and Fulfillment: Sex, Race, and Class in Health Care Education." Sage 2 (Fall 1985): 14-19. Howard-Vital, Michelle R. "African-American Women in Higher Education : Struggling to Gain Identity." Journal of Black Studies 20 (December 1989): 180-191. Hux, Roger K. "Lillian Clayton Jewett and the Rescue of the Baker...


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