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  • Doctoral Projects in Progress in Theatre Arts, 2009
  • Michael Novak, Editor/Researcher (bio) and Kyle Conway, Associate Editor (bio)

This is the fifty-seventh annual report of dissertations in progress in theatre arts in the United States. The entries contained in this report were solicited from those universities offering a doctoral degree in areas related to theatre; the completeness and accuracy of the report depend largely on the immense cooperation of those students and faculty members who were kind enough to submit complete and timely information—either by e-mail, regular postal mail, or fax. A future request for information will be mailed in October 2009 for the 2010 edition. Please contact the editor/researcher if an institution is not already receiving the annual call for submissions.

This report lists (in order) the doctoral student's name, dissertation title, university, department affiliation, faculty supervisor, and projected year of completion. Dissertation topics are arranged in two parts: in Part I, topics are listed first geographically, and secondarily by time periods; Part II provides additional divisions for those projects that do not fit in easily according to geography or time, but conform to the growing areas of contemporary research.

It has been brought to our attention over the past two years that the categorical system used in the compiling of this list is outdated and no longer truly serves the needs of the modern academic environment. In light of this, my associate editor and I are looking at altering the existing system, or perhaps creating an entirely new categorical system. With this in mind, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions and concerns so that this compilation may continue to serve all of us more effectively.

This is my second year as editor/researcher for this report. My associate editor and I greatly appreciate the cooperation of all of the students and faculty who have contributed to this present annual report of dissertations in progress in theatre arts. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Texas Tech University Department of Theatre and Dance and its chair, Professor Fred Christoffel, for sponsoring our research request. Again, we are grateful for the response we received from the theatre community. [End Page 359]

Part I


House, Melanie. Their Place on the South African Stage: The Peninsula Dramatic Society and the Trafalgar Players. Ohio State University. Theatre. Lesley Ferris. 2009.


Lantz, Victoria Pettersen. Legitimacy and Cultural Citizenship: The Caribbean Diaspora, Black Britain, and the Theatre of Mustapha Matura. University of Wisconsin–Madison. Theatre and Drama. Aparna Dharwadker. 2009.


Fawcett, Julia. Overwriting the Self: Actors' Autobiographies, Shandyism, and Self-Effacement in Eighteenth-Century England. Yale University. English Language and Literature. Joseph Roach and Jill Campbell. 2011.


Carnwath, John D. The Institutionalization of German Theatre, 1815–1935. Northwestern University. Theatre and Drama. Tracy C. Davis. 2010.
Hedman, Nathan J. The Return of Repetition: Charting the Philosophical Dramaturgy of Lessing, Kierkegaard, and Strindberg. Northwestern University. Theatre and Drama. Tracy C. Davis. 2010.


McIvor, Charlotte. Performing the Global Irish: Culture, Race, and Performance after the Celtic Tiger. University of California, Berkeley. Performance Studies. Shannon Steen and Peter Glazer. 2011.


Capuana, Janice. Rehearsing "the South": Sicilian Constructs of Representation on the Stage, 1860–1917. Graduate Center, CUNY. Theatre. Marvin Carlson. 2011.
Scippa, Christine E. Theatre at the Convent in Coun-ter-Reformation Venice. Northwestern University. Theatre and Drama. Edward Muir. 2010.


Chon, Chu Young. Transforming Indigenous Performance Arts: The Socio-Political and Artistic Implications of Jinchaek Sohn's Madangnori. Ohio State University. Theatre. Lesley Ferris. 2009.
Park, Joohee. Theatre for Children and Young People in Korea, 1989–2002. University of Wisconsin–Madison. Theatre and Drama. Manon van de Water. 2010.


Long, Hugh K. At Swords' Length: Theatrical Dueling in the Spanish Renaissance Drama. Tufts University. Drama. Laurence Senelick. 2009.
Swift, Christopher. Theatres of Absence: Seville, 1248–1550. Graduate Center, CUNY. Theatre. Pamela Sheingorn. 2010.


Nineteenth Century

Martin, Christopher. How the Waltz Has Won: Towards an Understanding of the Formation of a Waltz Aesthetic. University of Maryland. Theatre. Faedra Carpenter. 2009.

Nineteenth/Twentieth Century

Lewis, Helen Deborah. The fin-de-siècle American Actress and the Making of...


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