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  • Chronology:April 16, 2009 - July 15, 2009


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Arab-Israeli Conflict

See also Central Asia and the Caucasus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Affairs, Regional Affairs

Apr. 22:

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) concluded an internal investigation into accusations of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead (December 2008-January 2009) and determined that there had been no cases of intentional targeting of civilians. [Haaretz, 4/22]

Apr. 26:

The Jerusalem municipal government issued a statement that building near the Palestinian community of 'Arab Sawahi-ra in East Jerusalem was part of the municipal plan for the Jewish East Talpiyot neighborhood and did not constitute "settlement" expansion. Construction on the site began in February and consisted of three blocks of small apartment complexes. [Haaretz, 4/27]

May 2:

Two Palestinians were found dead in a Rafah tunnel following an Israeli Air Force (IAF) raid on the southern Gaza Strip town's subterranean passages under the Egyptian border. Israel stated that the bombing was retaliation for mortars fired into Israel from the northern section of the Gaza Strip, and part of an effort to stop weapons smuggling from Egypt through such tunnels. [Al-Jazeera, 5/3]

May 5:

The United Nations (UN) concluded its investigation into attacks by Israel on UN operations and personnel in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead. The report condemned Israel's actions and demanded over $10 million compensation. Israeli leaders expressed outrage at the UN for the report and pointed to the internal IDF report. [CNN, 5/6]

May 18:

Construction began on a new Jewish settlement in the Jordan Rift Valley in the West Bank. The new community would [End Page 633] be the first settlement built since 1987 in the eastern strip of the West Bank. Known as Maskiot, the new settlement had been approved in 2006 by then-Defense Minister Amir Peretz, but was put on hold due to opposition from the Bush Administration. [Haaretz, 5/18]

May 28:

A prominent Hamas militia leader died in an IDF raid outside of Hebron. 'Abd al-Majid Dudin had been wanted for two bus bombings in Israel, and had served time in a Palestinian Authority (PA) jail. [BBC, 5/28]

June 2:

A UN mission arrived in Gaza to investigate alleged human rights violations by both warring sides during Operation Cast Lead. South African lawyer and prosecutor Richard Goldstone, who worked on war crimes tribunals in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, led the mission. [NYT, 6/2]

June 8:

The IDF thwarted an attack in Nahal Oz, north of Gaza's primary fuel depot. The incident involved ten gunmen and five explosives-laden horses, and resulted in the deaths of four Palestinian militants. Israel closed the Nahal Oz and the Karni crossing after the attack. [BBC, 6/8]

June 11:

Israeli officials announced the completion of a natural gas pipeline, jointly constructed with the PA, into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The new venture was meant to increase the fuel supply into the Strip, which had been under an Israeli and Egyptian blockade since Hamas' 2007 coup in the territory. [Reuters, 6/12]

June 17:

Soldiers dismantled the Vered Yericho checkpoint outside of Jericho, after the IDF Central Command determined that the security situation allowed for greater Palestinian movement in the Jordan Valley. [JP, 6/17]

June 20:

Residents of the southern West...


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