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  • Contents of Volume 20, 2009

Contents of Volume 20, 2009

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January 2009

Thomas Carothers, Democracy Assistance: Political vs. Developmental? 5

Can Cuba Change?

     Eusebio Mujal-León, Tensions in the Regime 20

     Carl Gershman and Orlando Gutierrez, Ferment in Civil Society 36

Douglass C. North, John Joseph Wallis, and Barry R. Weingast, Violence and the Rise of Open-Access Orders 55

Debating the Color Revolutions

     Valerie Bunce and Sharon Wolchik, Getting Real About "Real Causes" 69

     Mark R. Beissinger, An Interrelated Wave 74

     Martin K. Dimitrov, Popular Autocrats 78

     Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr., Necessary Distinctions 82

     Vitali Silitski, What Are We Trying to Explain? 86

     Lucan Way, A Reply to My Critics 90

Ming Sing, Hong Kong's Democrats Hold Their Own 98

Bruce Gilley, Is Democracy Possible? 113

Timothy Edmunds, Illiberal Resilience in Serbia 128

Diego Abente-Brun, Paraguay: The Unraveling of One-Party Rule 143

Darren C. Zook, The Curious Case of Finland's Clean Politics 157

Books in Review

     Abdou Filali-Ansary, Misreading Muslim History 169

April 2009

Jean Bethke Elshtain, Religion and Democracy 5

Marco Verweij and Riccardo Pelizzo, Singapore: Does Authoritarianism Pay? 18

Reading Russia 33

     Ghia Nodia, The Wounds of Lost Empire 34

     Garry Kasparov, It's No Mystery 39

     Vitali Silitski, Tools of Autocracy 42 [End Page 187]

     Archie Brown, Forms Without Substance 47

     Andrei Piontkovsky, The Dying Mutant 52

     Nadia Diuk, Is There a Key? 56

     Lilia Shevtsova, The Return of Personalized Power 61

     Leon Aron, The Merger of Power and Property 66

     Andrei Illarionov, The Siloviki in Charge 69

     Ivan Krastev, The Rules of Survival 73

Manuel Hidalgo, Hugo Chávez's "Petro-Socialism" 78

The 2008 Freedom House Survey

     Arch Puddington, A Third Year of Decline 93

Zoltan Barany, NATO at Sixty 108

Giovanni Carbone, The Consequences of Democratization 123

E. Gyimah-Boadi, Another Step Forward for Ghana 138

Oisín Tansey, Kosovo: Independence and Tutelage 153

Books in Review

     Ewa Atanassow, Tocqueville's Frontiers 167

July 2009

China Since Tiananmen

     Jean Philippe Béja, The Massacre's Long Shadow 5

     Elizabeth J. Perry, A New Rights Consciousness? 17

     Ching Kwan Lee and Eli Friedman, The Labor Movement 21

     Kevin J. O'Brien, Rural Protest 25

     Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Middle-Class Mobilization 29

     Guobin Yang, Online Activism 33

     Andrew J. Nathan, Authoritarian Impermanence 37

Jalal Alamgir, Bangladesh's Fresh Start 41

Tom Gallagher, Scottish Democracy in a Time of Nationalism 56

James Chin and Wong Chin Huat, Malaysia's Electoral Upheaval 71

Democratization by Elections?

     Staffan I. Lindberg, A Mixed Record 86

     Valerie J. Bunce and Sharon L. Wolchik, Postcommunist Ambiguities 93

     Lise Rakner and Nicolas van de Walle, Opposition Weakness in Africa 108

     Ellen Lust, Competitive Clientelism in the Middle East 122

Alina Mungiu-Pippidi and Igor Munteanu, Moldova's "Twitter Revolution" 136

Forrest D. Colburn, The Turnover in El Salvador 143

Leslie E. Anderson and Lawrence C. Dodd, Nicaragua: Progress amid Regress? 153

Books in Review

     Clifford Orwin, Arms and the Humanitarian 168

October 2009

Iran in Ferment 5

     Ali Afshari and H. Graham Underwood, The Green Wave 6

     Abbas Milani, Cracks in the Regime 11

     Ladan Boroumand, Civil Society's Choice 16

Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy (II)

     Nancy Bermeo, Does Electoral Democracy Boost Economic Equality? 21

     Alberto Díaz-Cayeros and Beatriz Magaloni, Aiding Latin America's Poor 36

     Dorothee Bohle and Béla Greskovits, East-Central Europe's Quandary 50

     Stephan Haggard and Robert Kaufman, How Regions Differ 64

India's 2009 Elections

     Sumit Ganguly, A Vote to Stay the Course 79

     Ronojoy Sen, The Problem of Corruption 89

Fredrik Galtung and Martin Tisné, A New Approach to Postwar Reconstruction 93

Steven Friedman, An Accidental Advance? South Africa's 2009 Elections 108

Barak Hoffman and Lindsay Robinson, Tanzania's Missing Opposition 123

Paula Cristina Roque, Angola's Façade Democracy 137

Sean L. Yom, Jordan: Ten More Years of Autocracy 151

Books in Review

     Larry Diamond, Escaping the Development Impasse...


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