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Contributors JANET AFARY is a Ph.D. candidate in the departments of History and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is currently completing her dissertation on the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1906-11. IRIS BERGER is Associate Professor of History and of African and AfroAmerican Studies at the State University of New York at Albany, where she is a past director of the Women's Studies Program. Author of Religion and Resistance: East African Kingdoms in the Precolonial Period and "Communities of Struggle: Women in South African Industry, 1900-1980" (forthcoming), she is also co-editor (with Claire Robertson) of Women and Class in Africa. BEVERLY Grier is an Assistant Professor of Government at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is working on a manuscript on the political economy of land, labor, and the state with respect ot cocoa in colonial Ghana. CHERYL JOHNSON-ODIM is Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University of Chicago. She was formerly Assistant Director of the Program of African Studies at Northwestern University. She has written a chapter in Women and Class in Africa and a number of articles on African women that appear in journals such as the African Studies Review. She is currently working on a biography of Funmilayo Anikulapo-Kuti, a female nationalist leader in Nigeria. ASUNCIÓN LAVRIN holds a Ph.D. in History from Harvard University and is a Professor in the Department of History at Howard University. She is the editor and co-author of Latin American Women: Historical Perspectives and Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America. She is currently finishing a study of feminism, women, and social change in the southern cone nations of South America. ALTAGRACIA ORTIZ, who holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies, teaches History and Puerto Rican Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY). She is interested in Puerto Rican women's studies and history; her current research involves labor history, specifically female garment workers. 204 JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S HISTORY FALL BARBARA N. RAMUSACK, Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati , received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Her research specializations are the princes of India, the interaction among western and South Asian women, and women's rights issues. She has published TAf Princes of India in the Twilight of Empire: The Decline of a Patron-Client Relationship, 1914-19'30 and is currently working on a volume on the Indian princes and their states for the New Cambridge History of India. She has also published several articles on British feminists and Indian women's organizations. SHARON SIEVERS, Professor of History and Director of the Women's Studies Program at California State University, Long Beach, is author of a prizewinning history of feminism in Japan, Flowers in Salt. She has been the recipient of various research awards and currently teaches courses on feminist theory and the history of women in Asia. MARGARET STROBEL, Director of Women's Studies and Professor of Women's Studies and History at the University of Illinois at Chicago, won the Herskovits award from the African Studies Association in 1980 for Muslim Women in Mombasa, 1890-1975. She has published articles on Africa concerning women and slavery; family history; and women, religion, and ideology. Her recent research interests include both European women in the nineteenth-and twentieth-century British colonies and the study of sociaUst feminist women's unions in the 1970s in the United States. ANAND A. YANG, Chair, Department of History, University of Utah, is the editor of the journal Peasant Studies. He has edited a book on Crime and Criminality in British India, authored a study of TAe Limited Raj: Agrarian Relations in Colonial India, 1793-1920, and is currently completing a book on "The Colonial Bazaar: Peasants and Markets in Gangetic India, 1765-1947." ...


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