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  • Chick Strand


Angel Blue Sweet Wings. 16mm, color/sound, 3 min. 1966.

Anselmo. 16mm, color/sound, 4 min. 1967.

Waterfall. 16mm, color/sound, 3 min. 1967.

Mosori Monika. 16mm, color/sound, 20 min. 1970.

Cosas De Mi Vida. 16mm, color/sound, 25 min. 1976.

Elasticity. 16mm, color/sound, 25 min. 1976.

Guacamole. 16mm, color/sound, 10 min. 1976.

Mujer De Milfuegos (Woman of A Thousand Fires). 16mm, color/sound, 15 min. 1976.

Cartoon Le Mousse. 16mm, black and white/sound, 15 min. 1979.

Fever Dream. 16mm, black and white/sound, 7 min. 1979.

Kristallnacht. 16mm, black and white/sound, 7 min. 1979.

Loose Ends. 16mm, black and white/sound, 25 min. 1979.

Soft Fiction. 16mm, black and white/sound, 54 min. 1979.

Tierra Incognita. 16mm, color/sound, 6 min. 1986.

Artificial Paradise. 16mm, color/sound, 12.5 min. 1986.

Coming Up For Air. 16mm, color/sound, 26.5 min. 1986.

Fake Fruit. 16mm, color/sound, 22 min. 1986.

By The Lake. 16mm, color/sound, 9.5 min. 1986.

Anselmo and The Women, 16mm, color/sound, 35 m, 1986.

Chick Strand Distribution

  • Canyon Cinema

    2325 3rd Street Suite 338

    San Francisco, CA 94107

    tel: 415-626-2255

  • New York Filmmakers Cooperative

    175 Lexington

    New York, NY 10016

    tel: 212-889-3820

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